Youthful Hair Makeover: 15 Flattering Colors That Can Take Years Off Your Look-011

When it comes to graceful aging, there’s no definitive answer – whether you choose to embrace your natural beauty or opt for a fresh, new look is entirely up to you.On the latter, we’re never too proud to turn down a little help. Just like applying daily sunscreen and nightly retinol serum, there are ways to tweak and style your hair to feel fresher than ever. Even the best of haircuts can be stifled by less-than-inspiring hair color, and choosing a new flattering shade can offer an instant dose of radiance and confidence.

No matter if you’re sporting blonde, brown, red, or gray locks, consider reinvigorating your look with one of these 15 hair colors that’ll make you feel (and look) years younger in an instant.

Choppy Curly Bob






Golden Chocolate


Champagne Blonde


Long Curly Shag



Shaggy Bob


New Shag


Asymmetrical Long Bob


Honey Blonde


Soft Black


Soft Tortoiseshell


Strawberry Blonde


Hairstyles for Women Over 60



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