Woman’s Desperate Pleas Fall on Deaf Ears as Bear Destroys Kayak-011

Pepper spray is highly displeasing to bears. They may or may not attack you … but they will destroy what’s precious to you. At least that was the case for YouTube user Mary Maley. She encountered a black bear during a recent solo-kayaking trip in Alaska.

At the top of the video you hear Maley telling the bear: “Thank you for leaving my kayak alone!”

That’s when the bear begins to walk toward her, but Maley responds with pepper spray yelling, “I’m going to pepper-spray you in the face. That’s what I’m going to do with you.” The bear didn’t like that.


Woman tries to negotiate with bear eating her kayak in Alaska | For The Win



Bear destroys kayak despite woman's hysterical pleas

It turns away and proceeds to  destroy Maley’s kayak, while Maley becomes hysterical.

“Bear! Why are you breaking my kayak?! It’s September! You shouldn’t even be here, bear! You should be asleep! Bear! No! Stop breaking my things, bear!”

Lady Freaks Out As Bear Destroys Her Kayak (Watch) - Unofficial Networks


Bear Starts Attacking A Woman's Kayak And She Freaks The F*ck Out (Video)


to stop a bear from ruining the kayak (she bearly stopped it ba-dump-tss) :  r/therewasanattempt

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