January 30, 2023

Woman Gave Birth To Twins Conceived A Week Apart In Surprise 

Woman Gave Birth To Twins Conceived A Week Apart In Surprise 

A Marley Mokwena  recently gave birth to two babies at the same time — but they were conceived a weeks apart. Marley Mokwena and her husband Tebogo were shocked to learn they were expecting twins at an early scan, doctor said the twins had been conceived a whole week apart.

Tebogo, 31, said: ‘The doctor stared  between us and the screen, and eventually he told us that do you know you have one was 14 weeks old and the other 13 weeks. We just couldn’t believe it, we’d only gone in to find out the s.e.x, thinking we were only having one baby. To be told not only that we were having twins, but that they were conceived one week apart was incredible. The difference in  a weeks was a total surprise, we were completely speechless.

After that they go to find information about it. The phenomenon, called superfetation, means two babies can be conceived separately but develop together in the womb.

Tebogo said: ‘It’s actually more common in animals, for humans it is extremely rare.’

When they were born at 37 weeks, the babies weighed 6lb 3oz (2.8kg) and 6lb 6oz (2.9kg). Their name are Adar and Asher.

‘We aren’t sure which one of our boys was conceived first, but they are definitely very different. They’ve been hitting milestones differently, but they’re both very intelligent boys.”explained Tebogo.

Adar started walking at eight months, but Asher was a bit later, and even now he can walk, but he always chooses not to. Asher started talking much earlier. Asher is very slim and slender, and Adar looks more chubby, but they weigh the same amount. From a distance, you would think Adar is shorter, but they are actually the same height.

While they don’t know for sure who was conceived first, the couple suspects it was Adar, as he was born first. Adar is the more positive  and outgoing of the two, whereas Asher is more co-dependent, always waits for permission.

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