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This collaborative story of birth in 2019 encompasses an extraordinary display of strength, unwavering power, and boundless love. As I find myself on the precipice of embarking upon my fourth and final birth journey, witnessing the laborious endeavors of these remarkable women has instilled within me a profound sense of fortitude and fearlessness. The laborious process of childbirth is undeniably arduous, and truth be told, I am filled with trepidation. However, the indomitable force emanating from this film transcends its narrative, resonating deeply within the hearts of those who bear witness to it.

Thus, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the cherished clients who have granted me the privilege of sharing their intimate journeys, enabling others to be equally inspired. This year, I fortuitously found myself among the ranks of those profoundly impacted by these narratives.

A home-birth during the day, in her kitchen, supported by her husband, daughter and mom… it doesn’t get much more peaceful and natural than that. This birth is a beautiful story of a strong mama and loving family that welcomed a surprise baby boy into their home.


That’s Why I Compiled These 11 Birth Videos That Will Change The Way You Think About Birth.

Not only that, but the real and raw truth about birth is going to leave you feeling capable, empowered, and excited for the big day.

It is my passion to help moms overcome their fears of giving birth and prepare them with the skills and tools to have a safe and rewarding birth experience. That is why I spent years developing my birth course Birth Undone where I help moms undo pain, undo risk and undo fear.

When you’re ready to start feeling really excited about giving birth and meeting your baby, I would love for you to join us.

But for today, enjoy these live birth videos. They are not just educational, they are emotional, truthful, and empowering.

Whether you are a first-time mom trying to get an idea of what birth is like, or a seasoned mom, looking for inspiration and a reminder of birth’s beauty, enjoy these 11 positive birth videos.

3 Reasons You Should Be Addicted To Birth Videos During Pregnancy

live birth videos moms holding newborn baby

Many moms wonder is birth really that painful…is it as bad as they say it is? Well, the answer isn’t an easy yes or no answer. Birth is different for every mom.

The truth is that some moms have births that leave them feeling euphoric, while others have diagnosable PTSD from their birth experience.

But, I believe becacuse you are here, you will be with the first group.

You are building your expectations, rewriting your thoughts about birth, and learning about what makes a positive birth when you watch these videos. So pat yourself on the back for investing your time into creating a birth you will cherish for ever.

Watching Live Birth Videos Will Help You:

1.Break cycles of pain and fear about birth by giving you something new to aspire to.

2. Replace scary images of birth you learned from the media such as in Twilight and The Walking Dead (it’s not like that!) with something more positive.

3. Develop strategies and skills for coping through labor by seeing what actually works for real women giving birth.

Let’s get to it!

11 Child Birth Videos That Will Change the Way You Think About Birth

Natural Birth Video Without Epidural

Welcome to the world baby Banx! This is one of the most educational and raw birth videos I’ve seen. If you’ve ever wondered what birth can be like when a mother is prepared, ready, and has a birth that is fairly straightforward, watch this video. This is a great birth video with music.

Some moms ask me if there are any good birth videos for toddlers to help them prepare for the arrival of their new sibling. This is a nongraphic birth video that would be appropriate to share with little ones. Especially because the whole family is present for the birth!

Birth Video That Shows What To Expect

Welcome to the world baby Rain! This mama shows exactly what to expect during birth. In this quick birth video, the mama has her baby at home, supported by a midwife, doula, and her partner. While less than 1% of births take place at home, it can be a safeplace to give birth for some moms.

Birth Vlog Video Hospital Birth During Covid

Natural and home births are definitely not for everyone. This incredible mama shares her hospital + epidural birth. She does an amazing job delivering her baby girl. You can literally feel the power of a mama’s love when she says “is she okay?” as she holds her baby for the first time!

You know – sometimes women ask if they should take a childbirth course, even if they are getting an epidural, and the answer is a strong yes! Your pain management strategy shouldn’t stop you from gaining an understanding of what your body is going through and learning skills to get through labor.

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