February 4, 2023

What Is Differenc Between Your First Baby And The Second child

What Is Differenc Between Your First Baby And The Second child

Parents know, that there are some quite big differences between having your first and second children. From different approaches to pregnancy, to slightly different ways the kids are raised once born. And these changes were beautifully in these pictures.  The stories are hilarious and true in the life. Weng Chen is that young mother. She is a talented female artist from China made these.  She has two girls, her two lovely girls, which was the reason for her to produce a series of pictures depicting the cute and adorable bias. Mother when having the first child and when having a second child.

Having the first baby, you take care of each meal carefully, alway with question, is this food good healthy for baby? But the second baby, you eat everything no matter whether it is good or not. You eat if you like.

Giving the first child, your husband did everything for your mother and your children, take care of your health, and care your mind.  When you give birth to the second child your husband  thought you had some experience … taking care of youself, you can do everything,  no your husband’s  caring.

Careful and meticulous care for the fist child, but the second children, you can’t patient, everything is fine. You reach any thing, that good for baby, but the second is no.

Why did mother’s feelings so confusingly change? The only difference is that the first child and the second child , the first child you hope your baby will born look like beautiful girl or handsome boy. So the second baby, you don’t care.

Clotheres for the first baby always  is  new and beautiful,  buy it all, Baby needs all. The second baby will definitely be dressed again, use the secondhand from the first baby. You need spent money to raise children more than waste money for clothers.

The mother’s ability to stay calm when her baby was sick also improved significantly after the second baby was born. Everything can be fine, don’t need angry.

Mother’s perseverance also changed over time. The first baby, you was scare your baby is sick. You hurry up go to the hospital, the second baby, you calm down, you have more experiance, don’t need worry.

Mother also taught her children to learn, but it was not like the first “age”. to be more economical.

The level of child photo updates in mom’s wallet is like this here. You are having more than one baby, but just only one picture.

Mother’s friends also have different expressions after every mother announcing pregnancy, why it’s difference alot of the first time.

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