March 25, 2023

What Being Pregnant With Multiples Looks Like And Tips To Help Mom Get A Little Relief

What Being Pregnant With Multiples Looks Like And Tips To Help Mom Get A Little Relief

Curious to know how your own pregnant with multiples belly stacks up? Plus, let we give you the top tips to help you get comfortable today.

Many women wonder about their own pregnant with multiples belly. Is it big enough for babies? Is it too big for babies? There seems to be no real right or wrong answer. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Pregnancy is fascinating – and the following 13 moms deserve a round of applause for housing more than one human at a time! You can follow each of their journeys on Instagram below.

  1. This woman who was 33 weeks pregnant with triplets, Triplet girls Judit, Sofia, Szilvia were born at about 35 weeks.

2. This woman who was about 36 weeks pregnant with triplets, Betsy’s triplets were born were full term and went home two days after birth.

3. This woman who was about 25 weeks pregnant with twins, Wanda gave birth to her twins at 35 weeks.

4. This woman who was 34 weeks pregnant with triplets, Charlotte’s triplets were born at 34 weeks.

5.This woman who was 20 weeks pregnant with twins, The O’Driscoll twins were born at 36 weeks.

6. This woman who was 35 weeks pregnant with twins, Michella’s triplets were born at 36 weeks.

7. This woman who was 29 weeks pregnant with quadruplets, Lindsay’s quads were born at 31 weeks.
8. This woman who was 35 weeks pregnant with triplets, Erin delivered her triplets vaginally at 36 weeks.

9. This woman who was about 35 weeks pregnant with twins in the pics on the left, Cicely’s twins were born at about 37 weeks.

10. This woman who was 30 weeks pregnant with triplets, Hayley’s triplets were born at 33 weeks.

11. This woman who shared her week-by-week pregnancy progression with triplets, Maria’s triplets were born two days after the above photo – at 35 weeks.

12. This woman who was 36 weeks pregnant with twins, Sierra’s twins were born around 37 weeks.

13. And this woman who was one day shy of being 33 weeks pregnant with triplets, Roxanne’s triplets were delivered four days after this video.

How can I stay comfortable with my pregnant with multiples belly?

Comfort may seem elusive during the latter months of your multiples pregnancy. You’re pregnant with multiples belly is growing more each day and you may have some back, foot, and limb ᴘᴀɪɴ that prevents you from sitting, standing, or even sleeping comfortably.

Tips to help you get a little relief:  Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. Use multiple pillows and bring them with you when you’re out. A small pillow for your desk at work or the car ride can help! Prenatal massage. Your doctor will be more than happy to refer you to someone they trust. Try it and thank us later!

Water. Drink it, sure. But lay in it, too. A nice pool or lukewarm bath can do wonders for some of your new aches and ᴘᴀɪɴs.

Get yourself a maternity support belt.

Get a pregnancy pillow for sleep.

Lie on your side. It will help you to breathe much easier.

Take care of your feet. Get a pedicure, wear comfortable shoes, and put your feet up when they’re sᴏʀᴇ.

Ditch the tight pants and put on some flowy dresses or leggings. There is no need to wear uncomfortable clothes .

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