January 30, 2023

We Thought He Just Had Curly Hair, But The Truth

We Thought He Just Had Curly Hair, But The Truth

We are talking about those very special condition  in which a person is affected by also known. The name of tsounds like a fun, but it’s absolutely real and a child on Instagram is making headlines for having this very affliction

  His name is Locklan, he is 17 months old and has special hair that if called “cool ” would seem to be an understatement  . His parents thought he was growing curly hair difference with another baby, from just was borand therefore there was nothing strange, the ruffled hair more and more clearly . 

We find to a rare structural anomaly of the hair that begins to manifest itself in children between 3 months and 12 years of age. Usually, with the arrival of adolescence the “rebellious” nature of the hair subsides and the symptoms of this  reduce considerably.

Katelyn Samples and her husband Caleb had never heard of this conditions and, to be honest, they believed their little Locklan was growing curly hair and will change when he is growing up. But the boy’s blond hair really seemed to have a life of its own – so much so that after sharing his photos on Instagram, a stranger posted a comment telling them the reality of the situation – their son had a real.

UHS is a very rare condition  indeed – so much so that, at the moment, only 100 cases have been reported worldwide. Locklan’s photos on Instagram have certainly caught the attention of many,many  people love his special hair, it’s cool.

“Our message to everyone is to celebrate that which sets you apart from others and that makes you different. Our other goal is to inform the public about UHS and to be able to get more information about it out there,” explained Locklan’s mom.

Locklan will have his cool hair with him for a while, but when he is an adult, it will fade and only a funny memory will remain for him.

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