Warm up your nails: 17 amazing nail ideas for August-011

Surprisingly, we find ourselves right in the heart of summer. While you could absolutely dwell on and mope over how fast 2023 is flying by, we prefer to be glass-half-full types, finding delight around every corner.

One way to celebrate the season is with summery nail art. While neons and brights are common all summer long, in July, vivid shades of red, white, and blue reign supreme—even if you don’t consider yourself super patriotic. The reason? These colors conjure images of picnic blankets, crystal clear blue pools, and rocket popsicles—basically, nostalgia that we’re all too ready to melt into. If you’re with us, keep scrolling for 17 July nail art ideas that will light up your fingertips.

Close up of aura nails in a warm color palette


A manicure with croc, floral, star, and cherry details in red, white, and blue


A tie-dye manicure in shades of blue and green


Matte pink shimmer nails


Faded peach and white nail art


A manicure in various retro-looking muted shades


A watermelon manicure with seed and rind accents


A solid cherry red manicure


A manicure with red swirl accents


Baby blue nails with cherry nail art


Star spangled nails in shades of blue


Patriotic Mismatch Nails in red, white, and blue

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