(video) The Rock visits a terminally ill young girl with cancer: A touching gesture that brings both of them to tears-010

Recently, Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson, aged 49, joined forces with a young girl named Luna Perrone, who is battling against a rare form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. The Rock took to his Instagram profile to share a heartwarming video of Luna, lying in her hospital bed, beaming with joy as she witnessed her follower count skyrocket. Luna’s account, promoted by Johnson himself, has garnered an impressive 154,000 followers thus far.


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The video, posted a day ago, carries a message from the actor: “I have no idea how this warrior princess went from 12,000 to 30,000 followers overnight.” He then added, “Either way, Luna hasn’t been feeling well lately and watching her watch this video turned me into a little emo.”Fuente: terra.cl

The Rock finished the caption with another touching message: “If this little girl only knew that she is and always will be so much stronger than her hero, Rock. Stay strong Luna and we are all rooting for you and love you! ~ the fairy of the teeth”.

With actions like this, the Californian garners more and more fans and admirers. On his Instagram account, for example, he has 248 million followers. There, he usually posts videos with friends or with his family.


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