(Video) Astonishing Dwarf Family: Born Distinct, Shaking the World’s Perception

Shortness is measured in relation to the length of long bones and other body parts.

It most commonly appears as a single smelly, although it can also occur in conjunction with other anomalies as part of several Congenio Syndromes.

Whether person is considered short depends on the context.

Because of the lack of preciseness, there is often disagreement about the degree of shortness that should be called short.

In medical context, short stature is typically defined as an adult height.

That is, more than two standard deviations below the mean of age and gender, which corresponds to a percent of individuals.

Did you know that there exists a family of only shortest people in the world?

In the eastern side of the country there exists shortest man in the world who lives with other shortest people.

He shared with us the experience of living such a life in the society.

Meet the world is shortest family in the world.

Who says he’s now 40 years of age and her wife was just a neighbor since long ago?

They knew each other long time ago.

They loved each other, got married, then produced these children.

Okay, Okay, um, okay.

It’s a tough question, but i’ll answer before knowing this one.

I dated her older sister who were in love for a long period, but unluckily she married someone else and i decided to marry his younger sister.

Who is this one?

Oh so, someone came in with much money, so she dumped me for another guy and i was not ready by that time.

It was really painful and my heart kept thinking about her younger sister.

So i decided to go and date her younger sister as quick as possible.

Her family did not welcome me at first.

marriage story to your families?

They didn’t accept me, but the girl was keen on her choices for my family.

They welcomed me but were not sure if i was telling them the truth.

They waited till the last day.

How did other people react?

That’s when they accepted even neighbors could discourage me and say: you won’t manage to build the fun, whether making love, providing for the family, in fact all the related things.

For one to be the head of the family, they say i won’t make it.

They even told my wife that getting married to me was like committing suicide.

What motivated you?

Yeah, Of course i believed in myself well, my first motivation was that i talked to the girl and she did not care what others say.

She trusted me and believed in me.

They said you are still young.

Why are you in a hurry, but for me, i thought i was ready and i said: no problem, this is the right time.

I knew there was what he was capable of and knew that we have to cooperate in order to achieve anything.

After getting married, things became more work.

When we delivered our elder daughter was premature and, boom, the war began.

Rumors spread saying the girl came pregnant, that it was her main intention, that how on earth could he allow a man like this?

And so the only proof we had was that the child was born looking more like me.

So that, shut their mouth.

What do you do for a living?

Well, i have no permanent or tangible activity or win a job that provides for the family.

I keep searching all the times, sometimes i cultivate and so on.

It’s not always that easy.

It’s a tough battle.

When i think of it, i can’t even run mud.

I beg people for help.

In addition, their school is not nearby.

It’s very far.

The school requirements and transport fee is not always easy.

It’s the hardest thing i always face.

what can you advise couples nowadays?

I would advise people to take love as a priority.

We love each other so much, me and my wife.

Without love, everything is worthless.

After covering this part of the video, news about this family went viral volunteers and other people started supporting this family.

We went back to the family and found some tears of joy, blissful faces and so on.

Everything was pure happiness.

With all children going back to school, everything covered.

Thanks to the volunteers who willingly support people and make an impact, you really are leaving a mark on this world and helping to leave this earth more beautiful than we found it, he says.

I thank Afrimax and everyone who contributed to helping me for making this happen.

From the deep of my heart.

God bless you abundantly those six years they spent at school.

They were hardest years for me to handle.

Schools would open and kids would delay for two weeks because of finding school materials and requirements.

I won’t forget.

I once grazed someone’s call for a period of one year so that i could get money for my kids to go to school.

By far, things have completely changed.

They’re going to school on time.

They’re now smart.

We have no transport issues and i even feel clean at heart, so i’m thankful.

As it said, when God provides for one, he provides for all.

Blessings keep flowing.

Now blessings are following the world’s shortest family.

People keep following and supporting this family.

Now they got money.

They now have cows.

These cows will provide milk which has proteins that can support the growth and development of children.

What followed was that the shortest man on this planet got employed by a certain company.

He took us to his office, where he performs his day-to-day activities.

We saw him and who said: why can’t we help him?

We gave him an interview.

Then he passed.

So we take him as other employees.

Is the company owner?

Word can explain how this great man showed me a pure heart.

I’ve never seen someone else.

What i can tell him is just to thank him.

Nothing else words can’t explain.

This great man showed me a pure heart.

After a short period, this family was blessed with another newborn baby, and happiness on everyone’s face can tell you what it means for everyone around.

We send our deepest congratulations for the birth of your adorable baby.

A baby is seen as a huge responsibility, but also a great band of joy.

May your heart and mind swell with joy every time you think about this baby.

So tell me when you wake up in the morning and you go to school, the whole, the whole situation from home to school and everything you tell me, how is it?

Who is it long time?


No, no, when you, when you’re at school in the morning.

What do you do in the morning when, when to go to wash my myself, and they take my blush and brush my teeth and they take and they take my glass, my my school bag and my car and hand.

Um, and this is our Max English.

Thanks for following us.

You can subscribe and turn on the notification for more, and i’m Elijah, God bless you.



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