May 17, 2023

Uncommon Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings You Are Finding

Uncommon Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings You Are Finding

Every parent wants their child to have a beautiful and meaningful name. There are names in society that are really repeated over and over again. They are very common common names and that is why they are often repeated. When this happens, there is usually more than one boy or girl with the same name in the children’s class. Nowadays, parents seek more individuality for their children and therefore, they choose unusual names.

If what you are looking for is originality in baby girl names but you just find the same or similar names everywhere, don’t miss the following unusual name ideas. Find your baby’s name below, and good luck!
1. Ayana : Ayana in Arabic means “one who has big eyes”. Big eyes stand for the virtue of perception. Girls are known to be perceptive. It is also a beautiful sounding, unique name for girls.

2. Aurora: There are many reasons why Aurora is a beautiful name. In Latin, it stands for “dawn”. In Roman mythology, Aurora was the Goddess of sunrise. If that doesn’t convince you, Aurora is also the name of the Disney princess, commonly known as the sleeping beauty.

3. Bella: In Italian, Bella means beautiful. Millennials sure would love the name. Many girls like this name.
4. Giselle: Giselle is a name of German origin. It was popularized by the Disney movie Enchanted, in which the main character, the princess, was called Giselle and was played by Amy Adams.
5. Hridya: In Hindi, the name means “heart”. It is an uncommon yet wonderful name for girls.
6. Coral: Coral stands for something precious and priceless, much like your baby.
7. Farah: Farah is a relatively popular name. In Arabic, it stands for “happiness”. Since it only has two syllables, it is an easy, yet beautiful name suitable for girls.

8. Ella: Ella is derived by shortening the name Eleanor. Eleanor means “a beautiful fairy. Parents know that their daughter is one of that kind.9

9. Drishya:Drishya in Sanskrit or Hindi means “sight”. It is a beautiful and charismatic name for girls.

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