U60 legend Michael Jordan throws a strange ball, teaches superstars

Huyền thoại U60 Michael Jordan ném bóng kỳ dị, dạy dỗ siêu sao - 1

Michael Jordan and Chris Paul

basketball star Chris Paul attends a basketball training camp hosted by Jordan. Paul challenged Jordan to participate in the throwing competition, whereby Jordan if he missed 3 throws, he would have to give free shoes to all the young students present.

Jordan accepted and let Paul know his skill when he hit every shot, not a single miss, even when he threw in a position where Paul put a hand over his eyes. It was Jordan’s turn to challenge Paul to hit all 5 shots from outside the 3-point line, if Paul hit the socks he would go buy shoes. Paul hit the first 4 hits before he missed the 5th in the confusion of the children.

Despite winning the bet, Jordan still bought shoes for the kids. After retiring, he was famous as a philanthropist but rarely let the press know, and during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Jordan’s charity fund also donated large amounts of money to hospitals in North State. Carolina, the state where Jordan lives and played basketball in college.


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