Two Superstars, One Resurgence: Steph Curry and Patrick Mahomes’ Journey

The tale of Stephen Curry this playoff season was a tragic one. The champion suffered an early playoff exit against the Lakers. However, it seems like Curry is quick to heal from such losses. The Splash Brother has already put his loss behind him and started looking forward to next year’s progress. Reportedly, Curry looks like he might be following the Patrick Mahomes path. Some recent updates about his career indicate that Curry is committed to a better outcome next year.Chef Curry is going forward with an interesting mentorship to an upcoming 2023 draft prospect. His actions are not unlike Mahomes’ actions before the 2023 NFL Draft.Steph Curry Pulls a Patrick Mahomes Move After Debilitating Loss to LakersCurry moving like Patrick Mahomes after his seasonRecently, it was announced that Curry will be mentoring draft prospect Scoot Henderson. His moves to mentor seem like a natural step after they suffered an early exit in the playoffs. Interestingly, Mahomes did something similar during this draft.Steph Curry Pulls a Patrick Mahomes Move After Debilitating Loss to LakersBefore the 2023 NFL draft, Mahomes had also taken it upon himself to mentor a prospective draft for the Chiefs. He had mentored Zay Flowers with a few workout sessions together prior to the draft. To the Chiefs’ dismay, Flowers was drafted by the Ravens. However, he made it clear that he learned a lot from this opportunity of working out with Mahomes.


As the news of Curry mentoring a prospective draft went viral, fans took to the comments of the Instagram post to express their shock at the interesting mentorship opportunity that Curry has taken on.

Fans are intrigued by Steph becoming a mentor

image While there were some interesting comments from the fans, they recognized the high level of mentorship Scoot would be receiving. One fan mentioned how fortunate Scoot is and said, “He’s in good hands.”

However, some fans were baffled by the kind of opportunity he received and questioned it: “They can do that?”

Fans also mentioned how Scoot is going to learn a lot of new things from Curry and said, “Scoots athleticism with Steph coaching on shooting and ball handling.”

Stephen Curry Is NBA's Patrick Mahomes": NBA Champion Compares Warriors Legend to Chiefs MVP After 2nd Super Bowl Win - The SportsRush

There were some speculations as to why Curry might be doing this and speculated, “Poole replacement?”

Finally, one fan joked about how Scoot is going to be doing crazy things at the beginning of his career: “Scoot gonna do lookaway 3s to start his career.”

All in all, fans seemed very excited to see the results of Curry mentoring a world-class recruit like Henderson.

While Curry has had a sad playoff run, the Splash Brother is indeed looking forward to his new mentoring. It only remains to be seen if this will pan out or if Curry will lose his recruit the same way Mahomes did.

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