The Unconventional Retreat: Michael Jordan’s Captivating $500,000 ‘Cigar Lounge’ in a Struggling $14,560,000 Mansion

Michael Jordan, a renowned athlete, ranks among the wealthiest individuals in the world. With a staggering net worth of $2 billion, he enjoys a life of luxury. Among his indulgences, Jordan has developed a fondness for cigars, investing exorbitant amounts of money in this habit. According to Rebound, a popular YouTube channel, his expenditure on cigars alone has reached a minimum of $500,000. Additionally, Jordan has facilitated his passion by constructing a lavish cigar lounge within his opulent $14,560,000 mansion. Surprisingly, despite his grandeur, reports from The Sun suggest that he is currently facing difficulties in selling his prestigious property.Enabling $500,000 Habit, Michael Jordan Built Entire 'Cigar Lounge' in Unsellable $14,560,000 Mansion

MJ has many hobbies and is known to go to great lengths to facilitate them. His love for cigars aside, Jordan is also a big fan of golf. And, just as he built a Cigar lounge, the six-time NBA Champion also fitted his luxury estate with a putting green.Michael Jordan: A Cigar Before Every Home Game | Cigar AficionadoOne-on-One with Michael Jordan | Cigar Aficionado

Michael Jordan has a cigar lounge in his unsellable $14,560,000 mansion that enables his $500,000 habit

Ever since he won his first Championship in 1992 Michael Jordan’s love for cigars has been well-documented. His Airness was rarely seen without one in his mouth, and according to reports he has splurged close to $500,000 on his habit.One-on-One with Michael Jordan | Cigar Aficionado

What’s more, he further enabled this costly habit by building a cigar lounge in his $14,560,000 mansion. A mansion he built in 1995, located in Highland Park, Chicago.

The cigar lounge is just one of the many amenities available on the property. Covering close to 56000 square feet, the mansion has several Incredible features. The 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms aside, the property also has a full-sized basketball court, a Tennis Court, and a miniature putting green.

However, despite these extravagant features and Jordan’s name to back it up the real estate market has not been kind. The Mansion was put on sale back in 2013 and still struggling to find buyers. And, with how things are progressing it is unlikely to be sold anytime soon.

Jordan has tried to pass down his love of cigars to his son Marcus

Michael Jordan sure loves his cigars and is looking to find others to appreciate the Habit as well. In fact, one of the people His Airness has tried bringing into the fold is his own son Marcus Jordan. He has attempted to do so by sending his son a fine box of Palcensia cigars. Ones that were handcrafted just for him.


It seems to be that Jordan’s love for cigars knows no bounds. But, with the amount of wealth, he has accumulated for himself, he can afford to enjoy such a habit.


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