The Unanswered Question: Marcus Jordan’s Quest for Clarity on the Alleged $500 Million Inheritance

Despite the ongoing spotlight and controversy surrounding Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s relationship, their bond has remained resilient. The duo has launched their podcast, “Separation Anxiety,” where they candidly discuss their relationship. In a recent episode, they delved into the topic of money, shedding light on the inaccuracies surrounding their financial situation. Marcus even shared a personal anecdote about reaching out to his father, the iconic Michael Jordan, to inquire about his net worth after seeing exaggerated figures online, some claiming it exceeded $500 million.“Where’s the money”: Marcus Jordan Confesses Questioning Michael Jordan About $500,000,000 That 'Reportedly' Belonged to Him

To many, this wouldn’t be that surprising. After all, MJ, a six-time NBA Champion and extremely successful businessman reportedly has a net worth of $2 billion. Making him one of the wealthiest people in the world, and that too before his highly anticipated sale of the Charlotte Hornets. Nevertheless, Marcus has refuted the idea that his net worth comes even close to the $500,000,000 valuation.

Marcus Jordan confessed he once asked his father Michael Jordan about his money after seeing his net worth

In 2021, Larsa Pippen was involved in a highly publicized divorce from NBA legend Scottie Pippen. In the middle of the separation, there was a lot of debate regarding how much Pippen would get in the form of alimony. And, on the most recent episode of their podcast, Larsa brought this topic up with her new boyfriend, Marcus Jordan.

The discussion started while they were talking about news regarding actor Kevin Costner’s recent divorce. And, when talking about how much alimony he would have to pay, Larsa pointed out that there are times when the media fudges numbers, citing her divorce.

It is at this point, that Marcus brought up his case. Being the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, who has a $2 billion empire, the internet decided to exaggerate Marcus’ net worth. And, upon reading it was north of $500,000,000, Marcus jokingly sent his father a screenshot. Enquiring where the money was at.

“I’ve seen… and my friends have sent me screenshots of my net worth. You know, if you Google ‘Marcus Jordan net worth.’ And, I think it’s like north of $500,000,000 or something. And so, I remember one day I like screenshot that and sent it to my dad and was like, ‘Hey Dad! Where’s the money?’. Because, definitely I’m not sitting on $500,000,000 right now!”

Marcus is doing quite well for himself even without a $500,000,000 net worth

Marcus Jordan may not have a net worth of $500,000,000, but he has done quite well for himself in his life. Despite his failed basketball career, he found much success off the court. Not only is he a successful social media influencer, but he also is the founder of The Trophy Room. A retail boutique aims to provide fans with unique sneakers from the Air Jordans x Nike collaboration.


Some reports now suggest that his net worth is $5,000,000. And, while it is nowhere near the $500,000,000 valuation as previously reported, it is still respectable. Just goes to show how well Marcus has done for himself.


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