February 6, 2023

The Truths Your Mother Would Never Tell You

The Truths Your Mother Would Never Tell You
Every mother is the most beautiful example of selflessness, compassion, sacrifice and boundless love for her children. And countless times we wonder what makes the most wonderful woman in our life so strong. Is the time? Or motherhood?

Mother’s love can be the answer to everything in this world, and you will never understand it until you also have a small family of your own, when you also become a mother. Being a mother is not easy, while you can easily confide everything to your mother, there are many things she never said…

Here’s a list of all that they’ve gone through but will never tell you about!
1. You Weren’t The Only One Crying
It doesn’t matter why you’re crying; one thing is for sure — it Hᴜʀᴛs her every time you cry. Mothers feel that their child goes through. It could be for something as silly as crying for milk or crying because you Hᴜʀᴛ yourself.

2. Nights Were Spent Watching Over You
There’s a good reason why mothers say “goodbye” to sleep after childbirth. Half the time, their babies won’t let them sleep, while the other half of the time, mothers would stay awake just to watch over the life they helped create. Babies look so much at peace when they’re asleep; it truly is a sight to behold, especially if the said baby is your own!

3. You First, Every Single Time
They’ll do anything to make sure you are protected, and your needs are met. Their world revolves around you, and you feature first on their list of priorities. She may not always tell you that, but you can see this all the time. Think back to how she saved that last slice of your favorite cake for you, even if she secretly wanted it for herself. Or how about that time when she pulled an all-nighter because you were unwell? They’re all a testimony of how she puts you before her in everything she does!

4. You Make Her Tired
Not to guilt trip you or anything, but the fact is that being a mother can be tiring.. The minute you become a mother, you become responsible not only for yourself but for this whole other human being as well — and this never ends no matter how old you become. Motherhood is a full-time job, no holidays, and no retirement!

5. Mama Knows Best… But Not Always
They say that mothers know best, but there have been times when your mother was absolutely clueless. Motherhood isn’t all this or that, and it doesn’t come with a rule book. Each child is differtent and what works for one child won’t necessarily work for the other. This can be scary, and there have been moments when she probably freaked out but wouldn’t show you her fears!
6. You are always mom’s number 1 priority
Mom spends all day long with you, so much so that there is no time left for herself. In the mother’s womb, you are always number one, always holding the first priority. Mom is willing to put everything behind, just to be able to take care of you in the best way.

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