The Touching Encounter of LeBron James with his Biological Father-010

Anthony McClellan and Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, as reported by The Washington Post and Latest News, share a similar background story. LeBron James, widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, did not have a privileged upbringing. He had to overcome numerous obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success in the basketball world and beyond. Affectionately known as “King James,” LeBron’s nickname reflects his unparalleled dominance on the court and his exceptional character. However, throughout his life, James was raised by a single parent, his mother Gloria Marie James, who played a pivotal role in shaping his journey to greatness.

Anthony McClellan and LeBron James

Gloria was just 16 years of age and gave birth to LeBron on 30th December 1984, barely out of high school. However, it is believed that LeBron’s biological father is Anthony McClelland. Many people claim to be LeBron’s father, but none could be proven after the DNA test. McClelland and Gloria had a casual relationship and that is the reason he didn’t stick around after Gloria birthed LeBron.

McClelland’s absence in life inspired LeBron to become who he is today, saying, “My whole life I grew up resenting my father, everything was like, “F*** pops, he left me. Why would he do that to my mom? James”,  told Yahoo Finance, “I was like if I ever met him, we going to blows right off top.”

In 2002, the 4x MVP made headlines, he was in the national news. LeBron was grabbing the spotlight as a high school basketballer. The King attracted comparisons to the Late Kobe Bryant was the same age. McClelland then decided to come into LeBron’s life. However, James had other plans, he did not wish for him to reunite with them. LeBron focused on becoming a professional basketballer.

LeBron had a stepfather for a brief time before his mother Gloria broke things off with him. Eddie Jackson Jr. is the father figure James had in his life. But, it wasn’t any good either, as Jackson Jr. spiraled down in life after his relationship broke with Gloria.

Eddie was arrested on multiple charges for suspicion of drunk driving and fights with the police. It is conclusive to say LeBron didn’t have a father figure to look up to, but he certainly is a great father figure to his sons and daughter.

LeBron has always faced challenges in his life, and from the very beginning, living without a father, and facing criticism from the NBA critics. Whatever anyone threw at LeBron, he handled it like a man and with the utmost maturity. Today he has played in 10 NBA finals , winning 4x NBA titles, 4x league MVPs, 4x Finals MVPs, and the list goes on. Now, he is on his way to becoming the all-time leading scorer in the NBA.


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