The Rock creates an online sensation with his ability to break iron gates barehanded-010

Among Hollywood actors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson impresses the audience with his muscular body and sculptural muscles. To maintain such good health and appearance, the 48-year-old star regularly practices a variety of combined sports. Before entering the acting field, The Rock used to pursue a wrestling career like his father. Recently, his strength was once again proven when The Rock said that he had just had a memorable experience, which was to break the iron gate without being late for recording.

The gate was broken by the actor

Photo: Instagram NV

On Instagram, The Rock posted a picture of a distorted iron gate lying on the grass with a long caption that surprised and delighted fans. “A huge storm has swept through my house, rendering the electrically controlled iron gate of my house unusable."The

I tried to override the hydraulic system – which would normally be used during a power outage, but failed” , he wrote. Actor Central Intelligence said he couldn’t wait 45 minutes for workers to open the gate because there are hundreds of members of the production team waiting for him to come to start a new working day.Dwayne Johnson tay không phá cổng sắt để đi quay

In a dilemma, The Rock decided to break the iron gate to go to work. “I pushed, pulled, and ripped the gate from the brick wall myself, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it in the grass. My security team probably met the gate technician and welder about an hour or so ago. hours later and they didn’t seem to believe it, and they were scared at the same time about how I damaged the gate. Not the best way, but had to go to work”, “The Rock said.


The Rock makes the audience admire because of its strength

His post quickly received nearly 4 million likes in a short time. Most netizens left comments expressing surprise at the actor’s strength. Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool star humorously wrote: “The last door must open in a different way”. Some people asked The Rock to release the security tape recording him breaking the iron gate and asserting that the video would definitely be famous. Besides, his fans compared the idol with Black Adam – the anti-hero character that The Rock takes on in DC’s “blockbuster” movie scheduled to be released in 2021 because of his unparalleled health. Currently, The Rock and the gate is still a hot topic of discussion on social networks.



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