The Photo Series Capturing the Moments of Labor and Childbirth, a Wonderful Journey of Womanhood-010

The stage of preparing to give birth to a baby also means that a woman has stepped one foot into the “demons gate”, accepting everything including her life to be able to give her child a life.


Giving birth is a wonderful and miraculous process because the mother endured the excruciating pain, despite the danger, did everything to make her baby born safely. And that’s when a woman is the weakest, most fragile but also the strongest, most enduring and tenacious. So, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 8/3, Beautiful Man does not suggest what gifts men should give their wives, or talk about some ideal tourist destinations that guys should bring their lovers to; which will honor the extraordinary strength and bravery of women with moving images of giving birth to a child.

In this world, there are even many people who don’t even care how hard it is to give birth to a baby, let alone understand how much a woman’s sacrifice means.

Taken in the delivery room at the hospital, birth center, at home and after giving birth; The series of photos honestly depict the moment of labor and birth of women. Not only reminding and inspiring mothers about their strength, evoking beautiful memories of the happiness that broke out when hearing their baby cry for the first time; but also send a message to men that women deserve to be cherished, cherished and loved so much.

The beginning of labor is also a time when women have to endure constant pain.
Regardless of the form of childbirth, it seems to a mother that no danger threatens them.
This mother did an excellent job and the result is a lovely and healthy little angel. The expression on her face showed that she couldn’t even believe that she had accomplished such a miracle.
Each mother has become the strongest version of herself.
"Are not
There is nothing more wonderful than the happiness of seeing your baby safely born.
All the languages in the world suddenly became powerless to describe this strange happiness.
The image of a young daughter taking care of her mother is still tired and the baby just born can’t help but move viewers.
The final “separation” between mother and child…
"quoc-te-phu-nu-3" The happy family welcomes a new member.

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