The NBA Dream: Why Michael Jordan’s Sons Fell Short and Walked Away from Basketball

Michael Jordan, commonly known as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), is an unparalleled figure in the realm of NBA basketball. From the very beginning of his career, His Airness exhibited a level of dominance that was simply unmatched. With an impressive record of six NBA championships and Finals MVP titles, MJ’s excellence on the court was evident. Beyond his championships, he was recognized as the league’s Most Valuable Player five times and even earned the prestigious Defensive Player of the Year award. Michael Jordan’s legacy in the sport remains unparalleled, solidifying his status as one of the greatest players to have ever graced the hardwood.Being the sons of Michael Jordan did not guarantee a spot in the NBA - are LeBron James' sons about to upstage the GOAT's sons?

The epitome of swagger, MJ was a sight for sore eyes with his combination of skill and athleticism. The definition of a complete competitor if there ever was one, MJ was known for his win at all costs mentality.He's lucky his dad is a billionaire” Michael Jordan's sons lost $85,000 in a mad 24 hours spree in Vegas

Known for “taking it personally”, MJ’s competitiveness led the Bulls to two three-peats. His legacy on and off the court makes him arguably the most recognizable American athlete of all time. “Air Jordan” and “Be Like Mike” will forever enshrine him in popular culture.

With such a titan as your father, it is natural that the spotlight fell on his sons to embrace a career in basketball. But as we know it, neither of them plays for any NBA team currently.Marcus Jordan

What happened to the basketball careers of Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan?

To start, neither of them had the height or physicality of Michael Jordan. Marcus and Jeffrey stood at 6’3 and 6’1 respectively, at least 3 inches short of their great father. But the shortcomings were not merely in the height department.

Marcus and Jeffrey both were recruited by colleges, but neither were highly scouted talents, to begin with. Ultimately both of them had underwhelming collegiate careers.

Jeffrey averaged a mere 1.2 points per game in his three years with the University of Illinois. Marcus was slightly more successful than his sibling, averaging 12.3 points over his three seasons at UCF, albeit at horrible efficiency.

With both of them not making the cut at collegiate level itself, they opted not to pursue professional basketball. Their lack of drive and motivation in comparison to their fabled father were also cited as reasons for their failure to make the highest level.

Sometimes the shadow of a father as great as Marcus’ and Jeffrey’s is bound to be too much to escape. Basketball did not turn out to be the avenue for success for MJ’s sons. The legacy of Michael Jordan was just not destined to be continued by his bloodline.


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