The Michael Jordan Effect: Elevating NBA Fashion to Unprecedented Heights

If we are too familiar with the phrase “airport fashion” , then when mentioning Michael Jordan, people will immediately think of his “golf course” style. Jordan in a typical 90’s patterned jacket design. Photo: Highsnobiety

Golf and cigars are two indispensable items for Michael Jordan.

Besides basketball, golf is also a sport associated with the name Michael Jordan. Not just simple golf outfits with shorts and polo shirts, MJ always brings unique outfits every time he appears on the golf course.

Pink oversize t-shirt with checkered pattern baggy trouser pants. Photo: Michael Bezjian
Michael Jordan’s unique golf fashion style

From the familiar baggy pants to the designs of Ghile or patterned T-shirts with oversized 90s signature silhouettes, and even cargo pants and Air Jordan pairs…, golf courses have made their mark. many unique fashion colors bearing bold Michael Jordan brand.

Oversized polo and baggy box pants. Photo: George Pimentel
90s bold patterned linen shorts

3. Disruptive spirit creates an icon

Michael Jordan also many times brought personality Normcore outfits – a prominent trend in Hollywood in the 1990s.

Photo: Getty Images

If we consider typical 90’s items like jeans, oversized blazer or baggy pants… as the essentials that make up the fashion picture of the period, then the bare and dusty looks from improvised Normcore are the ones. personality stains in Mike’s style.

Appearing at Derby Day – a rather formal event, but Michael Jordan chose a striped linen suit that reminds the viewer of the “shabby” loungewear pajamas that are very popular this year. 2020-2021. Photo: Jeff Gentner
Michael Jordan wears a leather jacket and oversized trouser pants
Leather jacket + baggy trouser pants and white sneakers – a simple but very “cool” formula for men

MJ’s fans are probably no stranger to his bold and disruptive personality. Typically, he and Nike once resolutely ignored the NBA’s uniform rule to play with the Black – Red color Air Jordan, thereby indirectly opening a heyday of this legendary sneaker brand. .

Michael Jordan performs a dunk with his Air Jordan 1 "Banned"
The Air Jordan 1 “Banned” – the colorway that ushered in the era of the legendary Air Jordan shoe. Photo: Jordan Brand

Similar to the fashion field, although not often dressed with colorful costumes, Michael Jordan is still the focus every time he appears by an impromptu style of clothing that does not follow any rules. What fashion standards?

Michael Jordan once got into trouble on the golf course when he refused to follow the dress code
Not only in basketball, but Michael Jordan also got into trouble in golf when he wore boxy cargo shorts – contrary to the dress code of this sport. Photo: Marcel Thomas
Michael Jordan's sporty style
Michael Jordan’s sporty style

Whether it’s on the street or when appearing at mass events, MJ shows off his style and freedom with baggy pants and oversized coats in glossy leather, suede or denim.

Michael Jordan and Robin Thicke
Michael Jordan and Robin Thicke. Photo: The Guardian
Photo: Pinterest

A special feature of Jordan’s style of dress is that he loves high-heeled Chelsea boots – something that is too familiar to Hedi boy “believers” and is always associated with skinny jeans, but with In the spirit of “letting go of life”, Michael Jordan often mixes leather boots with super baggy pants.

High-collar leather boots - Michael Jordan's favorite design
Besides sneakers, high-neck leather boots are always very popular with Michael Jordan. Photo: BR
Despite being over 50, Michael Jordan is still very confident in baggy ripped jeans. Photo: BR

Although often appearing with “left-over” sets with extremely dusty tones and the habit of arbitrary accenting with items or color versions that are not really ton-sur-ton, her fashion style Michael Jordan has always scored with his star charisma, which is probably the factor that creates his fashion appeal.

Photo: Getty Images
Michael Jordan wears an oversize outfit that is randomly mixed
Michael Jordan wears an oversize outfit that is randomly mixed from a velvet blazer, shirt and baggy jeans. Photo: Kent Smith

No one can deny Mike’s influence on street fashion culture. It is clear now that we look at streetwear trends such as oversized blazers, flared jeans, “Brunch boot” leather boots or corduroy , suede… in recent years, we always see the influence and image ahead of time of the Michael Jordan monument.

Michael Jordan celebrates with a cigar
Michael Jordan celebrates his NBA championship with a premium cigar that has become an iconic image. Photo: Mike Nelson

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