The city of Atlantis was first mentioned by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato more than 2,300 years ago. According to Plato, the utopian island nation existed about 9,000 years before his time and had mysteriously disappeared. Narratives suggest that the city sank into the sea after an earthquake or tsunami. Many theories have been put forward about the location of Atlantis such as near the Gibraltar rock (England), under the Mediterranean Sea, Antarctica… However, the story of the city’s location is still a mystery. Photo: Science ABC.

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Agreeing with Plato, Tertullian, the father of Christianity, believes that Atlantis once existed in the Atlantic Ocean with a size larger than present-day Libya and Asia combined. The narratives show that the city of Atlantis on the Mediterranean Sea extended to Crete, the largest island in Greece. Edgar Cayce, an American Christian mystic, thinks that Atlantis and Eurasia are about the same size. Photo: Ancient Origins.

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According to legend, the city of Atlantis was built by the sea god Poseidon. He traveled the world looking for the largest island until he found Atlantis, inhabited by the most beautiful and intelligent people in the world. Here, the god fell in love with Cleito. To protect his lover, Poseidon placed the city on top of an isolated hill in the middle of the sea and named it Atlantis. Photo: Ancient Origins.

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Cleito’s house in the city of Atlantis is surrounded by 5 rings of water and 5 tunnels containing ships. The large outer canal connects the water rings to the ocean. All routes to the city are guarded by gates and towers. The enclosing wall is built of red, white and black stone and decorated with precious metals. Photo: Dailymotion.

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Cleito had 5 pairs of twin sons with Poseidon. The first child was named Atlas. The children inherited the great city and Atlas became the first ruler of Atlantis. They also built a huge temple for his father with a statue of Poseidon riding a giant chariot with winged horses. The statue is built of gold, placed in a temple with a spiral roof reaching to the blue clouds. Photo: The Sun.

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The fertile and beautiful city of Atlantis is a subsistence zone and inhabited by gods and men. People here grow their own crops and raise animals. They also built buildings from black and red stone. Rare metals like brass are made and used for recreational and experimental purposes. Photo: Demotivateur.

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While many still consider Atlantis to be a myth, many theories suggest that the allegory is based on real events. Ocean explorer Robert Ballard finds logic in the story because of its similarities to the massive volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea near Greece. Ballard says that a very advanced society that lived there disappeared as suddenly as the story of the Atlanteans. Photo: Ancient Origins.

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Scientist Ignatius Donnelly also confirmed the existence and disappearance of a mid-Atlantic continent located in the exact location that Plato mentioned. Some researchers suggest that this utopian kingdom is the continent off the Bahamas that has been swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle. Photo: Obsev.

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Another group argues that the current Antarctic is a newer version of Atlantis. James Romm, a professor at Bard College in Annandale, New York, USA, says that Plato himself created the story to convey philosophical theory, mainly his vision of the ideal civilization. Photo: WallpaperBro.