The Apex of Sculptural Excellence: A Masterpiece Holding Viewers Captivated

Through immense talent and unwavering creativity, the sculptors have crafted an extraordinary collection of sculptures, reaching the pinnacle of beauty that mesmerizes viewers and holds their gaze without a doubt.{keywords}

Power of Nature, Qatar: This is the work of Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn depicting the power of Mother Nature dominating this planet. This work has had versions in the UK, USA, Monaco and Singapore.


Poet Mihai Eminescu, Romania: Mihai Eminescu is one of the most influential poets on Romanian literature. This statue honors his contributions. A special feature of this statue is the use of natural light to change the appearance of the statue. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to see this statue.

{keywords} This sculpture named Expanded by artist Page Bradley is considered one of the outstanding statues marking the development of modern sculpture.


First Generation, Singapore: This is part of a series of sculptures entitled “Rivers” depicting diverse images from Singapore’s history.

{keywords} The work of the author Zenos Frudakis shows the human struggle for freedom

{keywords} This sculpture of hippopotamus “swimming” in the middle of the road is located at a zoo in Taipei, Taiwan. This work is to call for the protection of wildlife.


A metal penguin trying to swim past a building on Salmon St. in Portland, Oregon.


Sculptor Darin Lazarov’s statue delights local children


These are statues commemorating the dark ages of Ireland in the 19th century that had an important influence on the country’s history. When a mysterious disease turned all potatoes into black powder leading to a terrible famine, the country’s population decreased by 20%-25% due to starvation and migration.


The dominoes of public telephone trees marked the end of the payphone era with the advent of mobile phones.

{keywords} This is the 20th anniversary of a Lithuanian state called the road to freedom. The work was built with the aim of reminding people of the ideals of solidarity and freedom. {keywords}

The 30-meter-tall, 300-ton statue of The Kelpies is built from a concrete and stainless steel structure, and is lit with hundreds of color-changing bulbs. This glowing horse statue is located at the entrance to the North Sea, on the banks of Scotland’s Clyde Canal.


Two majestic lions standing guard were created from black copper wires. This art work is located in the Tower of London, England.




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