Swish and Swag: Jordan Clarkson’s Rise to NBA Fashion Royalty

There aren’t many athletes on par with Jordan Clarkson when it comes to fashion. Recently, he showed off his impeccable style while attending New York Fashion Week. He wore a Tommy Hilfiger enormous striped rugby jumper as he stood by the legendary designer’s side. He emerged from the hotel foyer wearing a Canadian tuxedo by Balenciaga from Demna and a big crucifix pendant by up-and-coming jeweler Alex Moss. He wore a sleeveless gray tweed suit jacket and skirt by Thom Browne to the Harper’s Bazaar Global Icons Portfolio and Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary party.


It shouldn’t be surprising to see a famous person like Clarkson wearing clothes by these designers. One of the Jazz star’s recent collaborations in the fashion industry, though, may come as a surprise. Clarkson is featured in Lululemon’s newest ad campaign.


Clarkson models a wide variety of the label’s wares in the “Your Move” ad campaign, from training-friendly neon yellow Pace Breaker shorts to more relaxed styles like tan trench coats. Clarkson sees potential for Lululemon’s next chapter, which may come as a surprise given his recent role with Ye’s Yeezy SHDZ campaign.

In all candor, they’re elevating the brand to new heights. Trends, workouts, or whatever it may be. Clarkson says Complex, “I think they are growing in all aspects of that. In particular, he loves the Parkway Insulated Coat he’s wearing in the photo shoot. To paraphrase, “that’s like my favorite piece ever,” he says.

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Clarkson is the kind of celebrity endorsement that might really boost Lululemon’s status. His reputation as one of the NBA’s most stylish players continues to grow. Is he really the best, though? Even though he’ll probably also send flowers to players like Kyle Kuzma and Frank Jackson, he believes this to be the case.

Clarkson insists that “everyone got their own style.” To which she said, “But I think I’m the best dressed for sure.”

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Clarkson, who will be playing in his tenth NBA season, will face his own challenges on the floor this year. Former Sixth Man of the Year Rudy Gobert has watched as Donovan Mitchell and the rest of the Utah Jazz have left the team. Clarkson’s nаme has also been included in trade speculations as of late, but he is committed to winning with whichever team he opens the season with.

“I’m ready for whatever happens,” Clarkson says. A player once said to me, “If I’m in a different jersey in a week or tomorrow I get a phone call and I have to put on whatever jersey it is, I’m just trying to win and take whatever team it is to the next level to hopefully win a championship one day.”


Read on to learn more about Clarkson’s thoughts on the offseason changes made by the Utah Jazz, his Lululemon relationship, NBA fashion, and more.

For the sake of readability, this interview has been reduced and modified.

Please tell us more about your relationship with Lululemon. Just what is it about them that makes them the ideal business associate for your current venture?

The bond between them developed naturally. I had faith in this brand-new, groundbreaking concept. They really are elevating the status of the brand. Trends, workouts, or whatever it may be. I believe they are improving in every relevant area.


In the interview, the player discusses various topics, including the possibility of joint clothing releases with a campaign partner, the importance of mental health in professional sports, and his personal experiences with meditation. He also talks about his fashion choices, recent acquisitions like a Lululemon trench coat, and his thoughts on the revival of classic basketball uniforms. The player reflects on his time with the Lakers’ young core and the necessity for change, and expresses his pride in representing the Philippines national team.image

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