Spectacular Wildlife Encounter: Serpent Pair’s Dance Earns Global Attention-011

Animal videos have become a common sight, inundating our social media accounts. Dogs and cats videos have almost become a staple for netizens. But there are other animals which can send chills down our spines. Snakes are one such species which no one wants to encounter in real life. However, villagers in Madhya Pradesh were transfixed when they found a snake couple mingling with each other. The incident took place in Bandri Bachhu in Sagar district where farmers even stopped working in the fields and started enjoying the moment.

Some of the villagers recorded the dancing of the snakes in the fields and the video went viral on social media. A crowd gathered to watch the snake couple embracing each other and paused their work to enjoy the rare view.


The snakes, according to the villagers, were dancing there for half-an-hour. The viral video also featured a dog which surprisingly was also watching the snake couple from a distance.

Badal, a peasant, said that seeing a pair of snakes is considered a good omen. It is seen as a symbol of prosperity in the villages. The duo, Badal said, was also observed jumping in the air as high as two-three feet during the dance. The meeting of snakes is considered a sign of the arrival of the rainy season by the locals. The inhabitants of Bandri Bachhau were thrilled to see the pair having fun today since it was a harbinger of good rain.


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