May 18, 2023

“Someone Told Me My Belly Is So Big, My Baby Is Living In A Loft And Already Has WiFi “

“Someone Told Me My Belly Is So Big, My Baby Is Living In A Loft And Already Has WiFi “
One northern California mom has been getting a lot of attention for her super-big ʙᴜᴍᴘ. It has amazed viewers with her belly

On TikTok, Brooke Luney posts videos of her pregnancy journey, as she’s currently expecting her sixth child.  It’s extra noticeable because she is 4-foot-11 and she has a short torso. Strangers will  guess she is  expecting triplets,

One person commented that her baby was living in ‘a loft with WiFi’ inside her belly.  The mum, 32, says she has always ‘carried very big’ and blames her ‘short torso’ for her particularly large ʙᴜᴍᴘ.Her ʙᴜᴍᴘ ᴀᴛᴛʀᴀᴄᴛᴇᴅ much attention due to her stomach and people run to her comment sections to note its size.  People have asked her if she has ɢᴇsᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ ᴅɪᴀʙᴇᴛᴇs, which is when a mother has a higher than normal blood pressure, causing “babies to grow to large,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

“I’ve had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy,” she added.

She also noted that when she went to get a scan, during her 35th week of pregnancy, her baby was at six pounds, four ounces, her pregnancy is going smoothly.

On social media, the mom-to-be, who’s baby was due on 2 March, has posted some of the many comments she’s received about her pregnancy. her pregnancy is going smoothly. Meanwhile, she explained to The Independent that she’s hoping to help others with her positivity, especially others who have dealt with hight ʀɪsᴋ during pregnancy. She delete the bad comments,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to interact or see them. I’ll respond to the questions and hopefully my positivity will reach others. I love are those from other women who’ve faced with their pregnancy bodies, hard and difficult a big ʙᴜᴍᴘ. I’ve been told it’s uplifting and they’re glad I’m staying positive!’

Brooke  informed her TikTok followers  on March 2 her son was born.

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