January 30, 2023

Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump Is So Big Before And After Giving Birth

Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump Is So Big Before And After Giving Birth

Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Kenzie posted a selfie at 39 weeks, captioning it: ‘Wish me luck baby is coming this week’. Showing off her stomach from the front and side, she joked:” You realise you are having a baby the size of a small watermelon in a couple days and know your whohaa is definitely not that big. it was so large that followers questioned whether it’s ‘fake’.

The size of a pregnant person’s bump all depends on their natural frame and how big the baby is. However, despite the fact we know that every pregnancy is different, some people still take it upon themselves to comment on others’ bodies.

That is not real,’ said one commenter, while another did little to assuage Kenzie’s fears, adding: ‘That is going to leave a mark!’

“How many in there?” one user asked, with another agreeing: “Looks like a litter, not one baby… While many more wished her luck with the birth. Just before having the baby, Kenzie posted her ‘final bump fit check’, getting shots of her tummy protruding from a hospital gown. The next, she shared was of her new baby girl, named Bowie, who weighed in at a healthy 9lbs.  She is so cute and not so big. 

Kenzie has since been tracking her postpartum journey, saying: ‘Growing up I never saw what postpartum bellies look like, so trying to document this process so more girls know you don’t “bounce back”.’

Especially given the size of her bump, there have been big changes to the mum’s body over the previous months. But Kenzie is determined to ensure she gives herself the credit she deserves for such a major feat.

‘Seriously have never been more proud of this body,’ she said.

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