People panicked when attacked by a wild elephant

In 2018, a wild elephant wandered into the town of Sakaleshpura in the state of Karnataka, India, causing damage to property. A special operation was conducted to rescue the animal.

Operation Wild elephant Sakaleshpura. –

A team of wildlife experts led by Dr. Vinay, a wildlife doctor from Shimoga, carried out a special operation known as “Operation Wild Elephant Sakaleshpura” in 2018 to rescue a wild elephant that had strayed into Sakaleshpura town and was causing damage to property.


The elephant had strayed into the town from the nearby forests, likely in search of food.

Operation Wild elephant Sakaleshpura. –

It had already caused damage to several houses and was posing a threat to the safety of the residents. The authorities were alerted, and a team of wildlife experts was dispatched to the town to safely capture and relocate the elephant back into the forest.

The operation was not an easy one, as the elephant was scared and agitated, making it difficult to approach. The team used tranquilizers to sedate the elephant and safely transport it back into the forest. The entire operation took several hours, but it was successful, and the elephant was safely relocated without causing harm to anyone.

Operation Wild elephant Sakaleshpura. –

Wild elephants wandering into residential areas in India is not an uncommon occurrence, especially in areas where their natural habitats are being encroached upon by human settlements. However, it’s important to remember that these animals are not pets and should be treated with caution and respect.
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In conclusion, “Operation Wild Elephant Sakaleshpura” was a successful operation that highlights the importance of preserving the natural habitats of wild animals and the need for trained professionals to handle situations where wild animals come into contact with humans.

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