NBA fans react to the new relationship between Jimmy Butler and Shakira – “She seems happy spending time with him.-010

Jimmy Butler has been experiencing a string of victories this summer. Shortly after leading the Miami Heat to an unexpected run in the Finals, Damian Lillard made a trade demand that could potentially bring him to South Beach by the end of the month.NBA Fans React To Jimmy Butler's New Relationship With Shakira: "She Feels Happy Spending Time With Him.” - Fadeaway World

Now, there’s word that Butler is in a new relationship with the famous Pop singer Shakira. With many rumors circulating about the couple, one source from US Weekly confirmed that they are now dating and plan to take things slow.

“They have been out a few times, but things are very new, and it’s too early to tell if there’s long-term potential there,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly, adding that their 13-year age difference ‘doesn’t bother’ Shakira ‘whatsoever.’” The source continued, “Jimmy makes Shakira smile, and she feels happy spending time with him.”Romance a la vista? Los llamativos mensajes “ocultos” que vincularían a Shakira con estrella de la NBA -

Jimmy is only 33 years old, so there is an age gap here that goes more than 10 years. Evidently, that’s a problem for the couple at all as both are described as being happy with each other.

The reaction from the community has been somewhat mixed, but there’s a lot of buzz on the situation overall.

Of course, there was also a lot of surprise at the news, which nobody really saw coming.

Butler Was Exposed After Suspicious Dinner With His Date

This story really started heating up yesterday, when Butler and Shakira were spotted together at an eatery in London, cozying up to each other in a way that only lovers do.

“The onlooker also divulges that Shakira and Butler looked “cozy” inside the celebrity hotspot, where they ate sushi and sipped on cocktails,” the report said.

We don’t know the details of this arrangement or even the exact timeframe of when it first went down, but Jimmy Butler is making a lot of moves this summer and it’s hard not to call him winner with how well things have been going.Shakira y Jimmy Butler, de Miami Heat, juntos? Esto es lo que se sabe sobre los rumores - Tikitakas

Only time will tell if this relationship will become something more, but it’s still interesting to see one of the NBA’s biggest single celebrities get together with a pop culture icon like Shakira. Surely, the NBA fanbase will be following the couple for as long as they stay together.

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