Nail Trends Set to Dominate the Beauty Scene-011

An on-trend nail color can elevate your outfit in remarkable ways. Even when donning a neutral or monochromatic ensemble that might seem subdued, a well-chosen nail polish can make a striking impact, transforming the entire look.

A good manicure catches your eye, and let’s be honest – it’s a one-way ticket from drab to fab. 2022 was all about dark, moody shades, French tips, and earthy tones. But 2023 seems to not be playing it safe; here’s our edit of the nail trends that are bound to make a statement in 2023.

Embellishments, diamantes, gold, silver, and bronze tinged foil will be all over social feeds this season, either with minimalist patterns or maximalist trenders; it’s going to get mega extra in 2023. With loungewear taking precedence over any alternative dress codes, it becomes imperative to have catchy nail colours and patterns to complement simple outfits. From confetti glitter to accessories and even charms and weird shapes, OTT seems perfectly fit to describe this trend.

Nail Trends nail art







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