Mysterious Underwater Tombs: Unveiling the Secrets of the Deep

Whether people living in remote areas or right in the middle of bustling modern cities around the world, they have the habit of visiting the resting place of their deceased loved ones.Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

However, the ‘dwelling’ of the ‘last relics’ of these mysterious characters is not in the familiar cemetery or the place where the ashes are kept in the great hall…

Remains of Atlantis?

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

Although this may sound like a joke, as soon as the US National Geographic Society announced that it had discovered the bones of ancient people, all people believed in the fact that Atlantis completely existed. . A lot of people even arrange a series of good plans to find it. The image above is just a contemplative interpretation of Atlantis and Don Clark believes that Atlantis is real when one of the most convincing reasons is a skeleton with a height of 3.5 m was discovered.

Neptune Memorial Stele

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

About 5km from the coast of Biscayne Island (Miami), Florida, there is a special relic located 14 meters deep in the sea called ‘ocean grave garden’ – a memorial to Neptune. Since 2007, it has been built and used as a tourist attraction – an interesting park under the sea.

This ‘sea garden’ is 6 hectares wide and once built, it can bury 1 billion 250 million pieces of human ashes. This is considered the most ideal location, the most perfect choice for those who want to be buried ‘in harmony with nature’. Besides, it is also a way to protect the environment and promote marine life.

Whale ‘burial’ area

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

By studying the skeletons of whales in the ocean, you will discover that a great complete skeleton is in fact part of a marine ecosystem, providing a ‘rest’ for a wide range of people. animal. Whale meat will first be a delicious meal for marine animals, then, over time, the skeleton gradually becomes a ‘mud’ texture and gradually disappears, completing the complete cycle life period. In addition, people have also found human bones 10,500 years ago in the deep seabed of Yucatan. This is a very unusual, very special event. Finding traces of humans in this terrain is likened to ‘finding a needle in a haystack’.

Sperm whale bones

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

This image is a 2009 award-winning work depicting diver Harry Male at the largest ocean park in Germany called Ozeaneum. This skeleton was found to be that of a Sperm whale living in the North Sea.

‘Sea Animal Grave Garden’

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

This image resembles the human imagination of the landscapes of the ‘garden’ of animals on the seafloor. On the left is the skeleton of a sea turtle discovered near Sipadan Island (Malaysia). On the right is the bone of a sea eel and surrounded by small fragments of anonymous bones.

The Ruins of Natalee Holloway

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

On the island of Aruba (Caribbean), a couple from Pennsylvania (USA) discovered the skeleton of a “famous” missing girl in the history of Natalee Holloway. If this is not Natalee’s skeleton, what else could it possibly belong to? However, this may also be just a stone, but the most important question is how many unexpected secrets does this area possess from the remnants of the past?

Shipwreck ruins

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

From time immemorial, there have been countless shipwrecks that have occurred and left many mysterious stories in history. One of the once ‘prosperous’ occupations was scuba divers and undersea treasure hunters. This photo is the British shipwreck SS Carnatic with 31 crew members dead, their bodies buried deep on the ocean floor, participating in the ‘seabed grave garden’.

Human graveyard at the bottom of the ocean

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

The above scary image was recorded by archaeologists while visiting the waters of Mexico. They even discovered 18 human skeletons ‘executed’ by the Mayans.

Looking at the photo above, you can see the complete human skeleton lying at the location on the Belle boat, which was ‘suddenly’ wrecked in 1686 in the state of Texas. Meanwhile, a female skeleton discovered in the deep seabed of Mexico is determined to be 13,600 years old, making it the oldest human skeleton found in the Americas.

Bones of Stone Age Women and Children

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

The image above was excavated in the Mediterranean, identified as the skeleton of a woman and a child with a current life expectancy of about 9000. In addition, scientists also discovered Currently, the deceased had suffered from severe tuberculosis. The place where this relic was found is on the coast of Israel, very close to the area known as the ‘ancient village’ Atlit-Yam.

Cave under the sea

Những hầm mộ kì bí dưới lòng biển

Handicrafts and traces of human habitation have been found in caves that were flooded when the sea level rose.


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