May 20, 2023

Mum Was Born The Firt Child At 16 Years Was Shamed Old To Be Pregnant At 43 With Three Her Partners

Mum Was Born The Firt Child At 16 Years Was Shamed Old To Be Pregnant At 43 With Three Her Partners

Single Rachel, now 45, who is mum to Emily, 29, Tom, 27, Poppy, 16, Evie, 11, and Clara, two. She had the first baby at 16 teen years old.  She felt as though she would committed an big crime . “I get strange glances when i went outside or supermarket , a lot of years late when i was pregnant at 43 years old, i knew the history will repeat the same when i was pregnant at 16 years old, with nick name labelled geriatric. ” mom said

In 1992 Rachel, of Great Oakley, Essex,  made a date with her partner Tim, who is 21 years old an then they had the first baby   when she was 16 years old.  
Rachel wanted to prove she could became a good motherhood while also studying, so Tim helped her taked care of their daughter while Rachel did her A levels. But when Emily was one, Rachel had pregnant again. She gave birth the second son when she was 18 years old.

Affter 3 years later, when she was 21,  her daughter was five years old and her son was 3 years old , she stoped her relationship with  Tim. Short time affter, She started dating Mark  at her working. Within five weeks, he proposed — and two years later they were married. In 2005, Rachel  dicovered  she had pregnant for the third time and was born the third baby Poppy by natural method.

Like a joke , after that  she keep stoped from Poppy’s dad in 2007 only 2 years for the marriage.  When she was 30 years old,  she started seeing a new man, Justin, a few weeks later — and 18 months into their relationship Rachel, she kept continute  saw the familiar blue line on a pregnancy test.

She says: “I already had three children, and the fourth child was with a third dad. It made me feel uncomfortable. I felt as though people were judging me because in my mind I’d done it wrong again.”

Rachel believed her and Justin’s family was complete, until she reached 42 and missed a period — which she initially thought was a sign of the menopause She says: “The other kids were stunned , particularly Poppy who was outraged because she felt I was too old to have another baby. But as soon as she saw her little sister, she fell in love. Clara arrived following a quick labour in February 2020.”

Rachel, who is now single, admits she found being a teen mum easier. She says: “I didn’t worry about whether I was doing a good job. I just got on with it.

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