“Money speaks”: Darvin Ham keeps it real when asked about LeBron James and Co.’s increased effort for NBA In-Season Tournament

“Money speaks”: Darvin Ham keeps it real when asked about LeBron James and Co.’s increased effort for NBA In-Season Tournament

Many questioned if players would actually take the NBA In-Season Tournament seriously when it was initially announced. But so far, it seems like they’re giving it their all, which is creating a playoff-like atmosphere. The prize money at stake, in the opinion of LA Lakers coach Darvin Ham, is a major factor in this.

Money speaks”: Darvin Ham keeps it real when asked about LeBron James and Co .'s increased effort for NBA In-Season Tournament

Before the Los Angeles Lakers’ quarterfinal game against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, Ham was questioned concerning his team’s heightened level of competition. The Lakers won all four of their group games in Western Conference Group A, guaranteeing them the top seed in the conference.
LeBron James leads Lakers to the In-Season Tournament semifinals with a 106-103 win over Suns – WKRG News 5

By doing this, they also made sure that every member on their team would receive at least $50,000 in prize money for making it to the quarterfinals. Each player will also receive $100,000 if they advance to the semifinals, $200,000 if they make it to the championship game, and $500,000 if they win the competition.

The club is aiming for the top spot, according to Ham.

“When money talks, BS goes down the freeway. That’s the proverb, Ham remarked.

For elite players in Los Angeles like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, $500,000 might not seem like much. For the Lakers’ lower-level players, though, it might be a game-changer.
Darvin Ham reacts to LeBron James becoming new NBA scoring leader / News - Basketnews.com

James and other prominent players in the league have expressed their desire to win the tournament on behalf of their colleagues, acknowledging this. It seems that the NBA’s inducement is working.Before LA’s NBA In-Season Tournament quarterfinal clаsh versus Phoenix, Darvin Ham issues a warning.Prior to the Lakers’ quarterfinal In-Season Tournament showdown with the Suns on Tuesday, Ham cautioned the team not to let their guard down.

Star guard Bradley Beal is still sidelined for Phoenix due to a back issue. Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal are the Suns’ Big 3. They haven’t played together yet. Ham still sees them as a major threаt, though.
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Ham stated, “As of yet, we haven’t seen the three-headed monster together.”

“They are still a strong baseball team even with one of those guys out. Their play is of a very high caliber. Simply try to put your best foot forward and concentrate on what needs to be done.This season, the Lakers are 2-0 against the Suns, with one victory coming in a tournament. But now fit, Booker missed both games due to ιnjury. Thus, in order to guarantee the same result this time, LA will need to stay completely shut down.
Lakers: We'll support whatever LeBron decides - AS USA

The winner of Tuesday’s game will move on to play the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday in the semifinals in Los Angeles.
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