Model Kardashian reveals dating LeBron James and the secrets behind-010

During the recent weekend, an Instagram model going by the username @justghazal_ made an attempt to accuse LeBron James of lurking in her Instagram stories. However, her intentions didn’t unfold as expected. Swiftly and overwhelmingly, countless fans of LeBron James came to his defense, recognizing him as a devoted family man who wouldn’t compromise his marriage for any unrelated individual, even if they resembled Kim Kardashian.

LeBron James and Instagram model

This past weekend, an Instagram model attempted to expose LeBron James for lurking in her stories but it didn’t work out the way she intended. Only known as @justghazal_ on IG, the reaction from countless LeBron James fans was swift in his favor. They know James to be a family man who wouldn’t jeopardize his marriage over a Kim Kardashian look-alike who has nothing to do with him.

You can imagine all the types of comments she’s ben getting through her account, yet she has refused to make it private due to all the attention she’s been getting. In order to double down on her accusations, @justghazal_ decided to post a story of the comment she found the most amusing from the bunch. But she responded to it with a fresh threat to LeBron James, who could be sweating right now if these accusations are true.

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She threatens to release LeBron James’ DMs.

As a way to defend herself from criticism or backlash, the model decided to upload one of the comments and respond with a concerning threat for LeBron James. To those who don’t know, @justghazal_ does own a clothing brand called KOLI that is obviously based in Los Angeles. A comment pointed out that LeBron James was probably simply lurking in her stories while looking to buy new clothing for his wife, Savannah James.

Here’s what the comment said: “Damn girl now wat if Lebron was checking out ya story cause he wanted to buy some clothes from you for his wife…u acting like he slid in yo DM asking to take u on vacation.” To which she responded: “Out of all the comments. This is the one. Lol. Ya’ll losin our minds over a story… imagine I hit u with the DMs. Fyi happily taken.”

LeBron James DM threat

LeBron James DM threat @justghazal_ IG stories

To that response and threat from her we say, release the DMs! If LeBron James has nothing to fear, he will know this woman is clearly lying through her teeth. But imagine the scandal if the alleged DMs were true. James’ immaculate image as a family man would be stained forever.

Damage control at the James household must be at an alltime high right now with LeBron offering all types of explanations about this woman. Should LeBron James be worried about this or is it just another attention-seeker in search of her 15 minuts of fame?


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