Mike Tyson gifted his ex-wife a $2 million gold bathtub, and was later spotted hanging out with Brad Pitt-010

Prior to facing significant financial challenges and filing for bankruptcy, legendary boxer Mike Tyson amassed a staggering fortune estimated at $600 million. His formidable nature and exceptional performances in the boxing ring played a pivotal role in generating this wealth. Unconcerned with extravagant expenditures, the former heavyweight champion once indulged in a lavish purchase: a gold bathtub worth over two million dollars.

Mike Tyson once bought a $2million dollar 24 karat gold bathtub

Mike Tyson once bought a $2million dollar 24 karat gold bathtub (Image via : MARCA/talkSPORT)

During his heyday, Iron Mike was known as a flamboyant personality who spent lavishly. He made big purchases, like his car collection, jewelry, yachts, and more. However, his gold bathtub still manages to stand out as one of his most crazy purchases. Tyson bought the 24-karat gold bathtub for his then-wife and actress Robin Givens.

The couple started dating in 1988 and married 11 months later. However, their married life did not last long, as Givens filed for a divorce a year later. Tyson had also revealed that he caught Givens sleeping with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Regardless, Tyson had to eventually sell the bathtub. He went through his $600 million fortune and had to sell a lot of his assets to repay his debt.

He sold the bathtub for $1.2 million to a billionaire, which is almost half the price of the bathtub. Tyson, as of now, has matured and has a stable relationship and great financial knowledge.

When Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was sleeping with Mike Tyson’s ex-wife

Former heavyweight champion and a legend in his sport, Mike Tyson, is considered one of the scariest boxers on this planet. While Tyson’s professional life saw huge success, not the same could be said about his past love life. Tyson has had quite turbulent relationships, but his marriage with actress Robin Givens was quite the mess. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens started dating in 1988 and after 11 months of dating, Tyson got married to Givens.

The marriage did not last long, as the two decided to go their separate ways after one year of their marriage. Givens filed for divorce, claiming she was scared for her safety and accused Tyson of continued violence. Despite heading their separate ways, Tyson visited Givens regularly to sleep with the actress amidst their divorce proceedings. However, one of these times, Tyson walked on his wife having intercourse with Brad Pitt.

I was mad as hell! You should have seen his face when he saw me. I was due a divorce but every day I would go to her house to have s*x with her. Guess Brad Pitt got there earlier than I did. You had to see the look on his face. He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites,” said Tyson during an interview. As of now, the heavyweight boxer has a family of four with Laikha Spicer and her two kids, Milan and Morocco.


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