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Mike Tyson, undeniably one of the most renowned boxers in history, has skillfully transformed his fame into wealth. Utilizing his financial resources, Tyson recounts how he was able to support a rapper from an underprivileged neighborhood who was in dire need of assistance.

Mike Tyson gifts Bentley to rapper

Mike Tyson gifts Bentley to rapper (image credits: duttongarage.com)

Mike Tyson was a man who didn’t want to care too much about the consequences of his actions. He loved living on the edge and in the moment. This approach to life is something that he stands by to this day. There have been several instances where this attitude has proven irresponsible or reckless. But sometimes, this free-spirited behavior gave Tyson a sense of good conscience and love.

Tyson’s friend and hood rapper Ed Lover was a guest on an interview by the Youtube channel Vlad TV. In the interview, the rapper narrates a story where the boxing legend gifted him a Bentley car. The story revolves around a misunderstanding between the two friends. This ultimately led to a missed opportunity for Ed Lover to own a Bentley gifted by Mike Tyson.

Not many would’ve guessed that Mike Tyson is the type of guy to care deeply for his friends. But at the same time, many would’ve guessed correctly that Tyson is the type of guy to be impulsive with his decisions.

Twitter remembers iconic post-fight interview of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson's Bentley Continental T is up for grabs - Luxurylaunches

Mike Tyson is not famous for his speaking skills. The fans have trolled the fighter on multiple occasions for this flaw. However, this absurd manner of speech gave boxing one of its most memorable speeches ever. Twitter fans remember Tyson’s speech after knocking out Lou Savarese in 2000. Tyson didn’t seem to want to answer any of the questions. He had a point to make.Mike Tyson with $300 million in wealth once gave away $500k Bentley to hood rapper with no garage

Iron Mike declares, “I am the best ever,” “I am going to eat your children,” and “Praise be to Allah.” These were just some things Tyson urgently spurted out and walked away. Although Tyson lost against Lennox Lewis three matches later, his interview here is timeless. It showed the hunger that Mike Tyson had before he entered any ring.

Mike Tyson’s downfall after the year 2000 is somewhat of a tragedy. Fans believe it had much to do with his coach, Cus D’amato’s death. Regardless, Tyson is still a living legend and continues to contribute to society in different ways.Mike Tyson's car collection through the years, from Rolls-Royces to Ferrari after claims he bribed cop with BENTLEY - Sporting Excitement

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