Michael Jordan’s Daughter Reflects on Yvette Prieto’s Twins Years After Parents’ Multi-Million Dollar Divorce

The spotlight has always been on the Jordan family, led by the iconic basketball legend Michael Jordan. However, it was a recent statement made by Michael’s daughter, Jasmine Jordan, that caught everyone’s attention and sparked controversy. During her appearance on the Birth Queen podcast, Jasmine boldly referred to herself and her brothers, Marcus and Jeffrey, as the “OG kids.” This declaration has ignited intense discussions and fueled speculation about the intricate dynamics within the family.“OG Kids, We Call Ourselves”: Michael Jordan's Daughter 'Looks Down' at Yvette Prieto's Twins 17 Years After Parents' $168,000,000 Divorce

The Jordan family is no stranger to media scrutiny, primarily due to Michael Jordan’s fame and the public nature of his relationships. One notable chapter in the family’s history is Michael Jordan’s highly publicized and financially disastrous divorce from Juanita Vanoy, which took place 17 years ago. The divorce settlement cost Michael a staggering $168,000,000. However, the Bulls legend vowed not to repeat the same mistakes in his subsequent marriage to Yvette Prieto, implementing measures to safeguard his wealth and avoid another costly divorce.The LUXURIOUS life of the GOAT” Michael Jordan enjoys family time with wife Yvette Prieto in Mexico

Jasmine’s Assertion of Being an ‘OG’ Michael Jordan Kid

During her appearance on the Birth Queen podcast, Jasmine Jordan confidently declared herself, along with Marcus and Jeffrey, as the “OG kids.”

She said:

“I’m the baby of my parents or the OG kids we call ourselves.”

She expressed her belief that they hold a special place within the Jordan family dynamics. Jasmine’s statement, captured in a YouTube video interview, has caused a stir among the public and raised questions about the relationship between the Jordan children and Yvette Prieto’s twins.

It is worth noting that the Jordan kids have achieved fame and success in their respective endeavors. However, Jasmine’s claim of being the original and favored children could be seen as disrespectful to Yvette Prieto’s twins and might further complicate the family dynamics.

Jordan’s Approach to Marriage with Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan’s experiences, particularly his expensive divorce from Juanita Vanoy, undoubtedly influenced his approach to his marriage with Yvette Prieto. Why Michael Jordan's oldest daughter had to Google him - ABC News

Having learned from the financial consequences of his previous divorce, Michael took precautions to protect his wealth in the event of another separation. To avoid repeating the costly mistakes of his past, he implemented a complex divorce clause in his marriage agreement with Yvette. The clause outlines specific terms and monetary compensation based on the duration of their marriage.

If the couple were to split before reaching ten years of marriage, Yvette would receive $1 million for each year they stayed together. However, if they surpass the decade mark, the amount would increase to $5 million for every year they remain married.


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