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Michael Jordan’s excellence on the basketball court not only brought success to the Chicago Bulls but also greatly benefited the companies associated with him. One such venture, his own Jordan Brand, saw remarkable profits, reportedly surpassing $5.1 billion in revenue in 2022. After the legendary 6-feet-6 shooting guard’s retirement, his children pursued different paths to carry on the Jordan legacy.

Marcus and Jeffrey, Jordan’s sons, attempted to follow in their father’s footsteps as professional basketball players, but unfortunately, they achieved limited success. On the other hand, Jasmine Jordan, Michael Jordan’s eldest daughter, took a different approach by trying her hand at designing shoes for the Jordan Brand, but faced challenges and did not find success in that endeavor.“This Is So Ugly”: Getting $5.1 Billion In Sales For Michael Jordan’s Brand, Daughter Jasmine Narrates Story Of Her Questionable Designs

Jasmine Jordan studied sports management at Syracuse University. Starting off her career as a coordinator of basketball operations for the Charlotte Hornets, Jasmine later became a field representative for the Jordan Brand. The 30-year-old works with popular female athletes like Ariel Powers, Dearica Hamby, and Rhyne Howard, among others. Before working with WNBA athletes, Jasmine tried her hand at designing shoes for Air Jordan. And it didn’t go too well admittedly.

Jasmine Jordan would ask Michael Jordan to send her shoe designs to the brand

Years before deciding to work as rep for the Jordan brand, Jasmine would make an effort to design shoes for the Jordan Brand. As a kid, she would frequently create sketches and request her father to send them to the company.

However, after seeing the “ugly” prototypes, she would give up on her dreams of being a designer. In a recent appearance on BIRTH QUEEN’s podcast, Jordan revealed:

“I literally would like create sketches and then give them to my dad. I’m like ‘send them in, send them in, I wanna see what they think’. They were sweet, they made prototypes of things that I drew up and I was ‘this is so ugly, please don’t produce this’.”

“Every Time I Look in the Mirror”: Moving Out of Billionaire Michael Jordan's Shadow, Daughter Jasmine Gets Real About Making Her Own Legacy - EssentiallySports

Jasmine, who is a huge sports enthusiast, is now trying to help the Jordan Brand expand, partnering with other women athletes even outside of the WNBA.

Why didn’t Jasmine Jordan play basketball professionally?

Unlike her brothers, Jasmine never pursued playing basketball. According to her, she wasn’t blessed with the skillset that her father possessed. Even though she does love sports and has a deep passion for it, the 30-year-old didn’t play basketball because she “sucked”. On the same episode of the podcast, she stated:Jasmine Jordan, Who Works For Michael Jordan's $1.7 Billion Venture, Claimed Her Father Was A 'Tyrant' At Home Too - The SportsRush

“I love sports. I want to be in and around it in some capacity, I don’t know what it looks like but I need basketball and sports to be adjacent if not in my life.

I played. I retired early cause I suck. Those genes didn’t come to me. The passion is there, that’s what I got. I got my dad’s passion and competitive (spirit) but the skillset… nope. That’s okay.”

Regardless, Jasmine Jordan is making her father proud as she uses different ways to grow the Jordan Brand.


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