Meet Michael Owen’s Stunning Firstborn Daughter

Gemma Rose, born in 2003, is the eldest daughter of the English football legend Michael Owen and his wife, Louise. From a young age, she would often accompany her father to the football field, captivating fans with her adorable charm. In the photo, both Michael Owen and Gemma are seen wearing the traditional jersey of Newcastle United, the club where he played from 2005 to 2009. The father-daughter duo looked heartwarming as they shared a special moment in their beloved team’s attire. Gemma’s presence and connection to the world of football continue to garner attention and affection from fans and admirers alike.

Little Gemma Rose is now a teenage girl. A few days ago, daughter Michael Owen attracted attention when modeling swimsuit fashion. Last month, the beauty set up her own company specializing in swimwear fashion.

Gemma Rose claims to be ambitious. The young girl turned to the swimsuit business in addition to her horse racing career. Michael Owen and his wife both support their daughter’s career choice, actively promoting Gemma Rose’s swimwear models.

On her personal page, teenage girls often post photos in bikinis showing off their hot bodies.

Like friends of the same age, Gemma Rose has a youthful and liberal fashion sense.

The daughter of Michael Owen’s family has honey skin, healthy body.

Gemma Rose said that in addition to sports, she also enjoys fashion and travel.

Gemma Rose represented the British equestrian team at the European Championships in Spain last summer.

Gemma Rose and her mother are as close as sisters. The beauty born in 2003 said her mother is her best friend.

Michael Owen’s wife poses with her teenage daughter. At the age of forty-four and through four births, the former Liverpool star’s wife Louise still maintains a neat and attractive figure.

In addition to Gemma Rose, Michael Owen and his wife have two other daughters, Emily (born in 2007) and Jessica (born in 2010) and son James (born in 2006).

Michael Owen, born in 1979, is a famous former football player from England. The striker was once considered a “prodigy” of English football when sublimated in the Liverpool shirt in the period 1996-2004. After an unsuccessful year at Real, Owen returned to England to play for Newcastle and then MU before retiring in 2013 at Stoke City. Owen won the 2001 Ballon d’Or, twice the Premier League’s top scorer, the best young player in the 1998 World Cup. He scored 40 goals in 89 games for England. The famous former striker is now a football commentator.


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