McGregor has VND 2,200 billion: Super rich but still uses “temple goods”-010

A look back at the chaotic scene in the fight between McGregor and Khabib at UFC 229:

Undeniably, Conor McGrego r is one of the most famous superstars in UFC history. Even UFC President Dana White is having to make eight or nine concessions to this fighter.


McGregor is super rich in the MMA world

According to Forbes estimates, the fortune of the Irish boxer is currently 100 million USD. And most of McGregor’s money is thanks to the “Money fight” fight with Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring.

And even though he is increasingly making a fortune through self-polishing or the wine business, Conor McGregor is still becoming extremely rich thanks to his spending habits like no other.El bañador naranja de Conor Mcgregor para lucir músculos

As revealed by coach John Kavanagh, the Irishman hardly has to spend any fees because he is mostly funded from food services, to shopping.

“He is doing very well in his business. And it may sound strange, but McGregor doesn’t spend a lot of money. Everything he is using and spending is currently privately funded. Even when entering the restaurant, the Irish puncher has his own chef to serve.”


Irish puncher lives like an aristocrat

Also according to the disclosure, McGregor is not a profligate playboy like Mayweather, so he almost never sees the Irish puncher appearing in casinos and nightclubs.Conor McGregor en Ibiza | La denunciante: «Me habría matado si no me bajo del yate»After losing to the “eagle” Khabib at the UFC 229 event, McGregor is trying to practice to return as soon as possible. If McGregor is ready, President Dana White is desperate for the Irishman to reappear in the octagon.



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