Marvel at LeBron Jame’s unique salsa dance that delights fans-010

The viral sensation of Los Angeles Lakers’ star, LeBron James, took the internet by storm as he showcased his salsa dancing skills in a video promoting an energy drink.


Grooving to the infectious rhythm of the song ‘Devórame otra vez’, LeBron displayed his moves with remarkable style and flair, captivating viewers with his impressive dance prowess.LeBron dancing Salsa Extended : r/lakers

Watch LeBron James salsa dance in his first ad for Mtn Dew | Ad Age

Where Does Denver’s Duo Rank Among Best in NBA Finals History? – Up & AdamsEl día que LeBron James bailó salsa y mostró sus dotes de salsero | Video

The Los Angeles Lakers star went viral for appearing salsa dancing in a video promoting an energy drink.Mountain Dew releases extended cut of Lebron "Salsa King" James - YouTube

To the rhythm of the song ‘Devórame otra vez’ he demonstrated his movements with a lot of style.NBA Playoffs: Jae Crowder trolls LeBron James with salsa dance



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