Man Awakens in Terror to Discover Bear Gnawing on His Head While Camping-011

Nightmare Encounter: 19-Year-Old Awakens to Unbearable Pain as Bear Gnaws on His Head, Dragging Him from Campsite.

The victim said: “I guess it was the bear’s teeth hitting my skull.

“It gnawed at me and pulled me away. Then it bit the back of my head,’ the young man said.

The bear dragged the man about 3-3.5m away before the officers appeared, chasing it away.


The incident happened in Christian, Colorado, USA

The attack happened around 4:00 a.m. local time, when the bear wandered into the summer camp, where some of the staff were sleeping.


A black bear attacked summer camp staff in the US (Artwork)

According to the camp’s press release, “unprovoked, the bear attacked an employee.”

The statement added that no other campers were in danger. The injured employee was taken to Boulder for medical treatment and released from the hospital.


The bear gnawed at the young man’s head


The victim said: “I guess it was the bear’s teeth hitting my skull

According to Jennifer Churchill, a spokeswoman for the Colorado National Parks and Wildlife Service, the victim was engaged in teaching children how to survive in the wilderness.

Churchill added that while this is not a typical behavior of a black bear, this bear will be relocated. Authorities are now trying to track down and remove the bear from the area.

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