Love Story Unveiled: Coutinho’s Journey from Teenage Romance to Everlasting Love

Coutinho and Aine, both natives of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shared a close bond from their childhood. It was in 2007, when Coutinho was just 14 years old and on the rise as a talented football player, that a mutual friend introduced them at a party. From that moment on, their relationship blossomed, and they became inseparable. Aine became a constant presence in Coutinho’s life, even residing in the same household with his parents. Throughout that period, she diligently attended every match her boyfriend played, demonstrating unwavering support and dedication.Coutinho and Aine just started dating. Photo: The Sun

Coutinho and Aine just started dating. Photo: The Sun

In 2008, the star born in 1992 grew up in the Vasco de Gama shirt and signed a 5-year contract with Inter Milan. However, Coutinho remained at Vasco de Gama for two years on loan. In 2010, the Brazilian boy went to Italy and Aine dropped out of school to follow. When Coutinho joined Espanyol in 2012, the young couple briefly separated but later that year, the two married. In 2013, Coutinho joined Liverpool and he took his young wife to the English port city.

The young couple got married in 2012 when Coutinho was 20 years old. Photo: The Sun
The young couple got married in 2012 when Coutinho was 20 years old. Photo: The Sun

Before shining with The Kop, Coutinho also experienced a difficult time initially integrating, unable to compete for the main kick in attack. During this time, Aine stayed by his side encouraging him. When Coutinho became a bright star in the Premier League, the couple’s childhood love story became more known. The young couple is admired for their love of color, loyalty, and voice. On the personal page, Coutinho and his wife often post pictures and write sweet words for each other. Every time he scores, he sends a kiss to his wife’s seat.

In 2018, the Brazilian striker left Liverpool for Barca for 160 million euros, becoming the most expensive midfielder in the world and the second most expensive signing after Neymar. The beauty continued to accompany her husband in the glorious and bitter moments at Barca, and went to Germany when Coutinho went to Bayern Munich on loan.

After more than 10 years together, the Liverpool striker and his wife Aine have three children: two first daughters Maria, Esmeralda and son Philippe Junior. The Brazilian star tattooed his wife’s name, his parents’ and two brothers’ names on his left arm to show his deep love for them. “Aine played a big role in my life. We didn’t study together, just had a mutual friend and then we met at a party that friend organized. Aine and I sat together for a long time before we spoke. Then she asked me to be her boyfriend. It’s not really about falling in love right away. We live in the same area, met many times, and then our feelings grew and deepened,” Coutinho once said.

Coutinho and his wife with three little angels last Christmas. Photo: Instagram Coutinho
Coutinho and his wife with three little angels last Christmas. Photo: Instagram Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho was born in 1992, is a famous Brazilian football player. He plays as an attacking midfielder, growing up from his hometown team Vasco de Gama. Coutinho was known in the Liverpool shirt from 2013 to 2018 before arriving at Barca with an expensive contract. But at the Catalan team, the Brazilian star played unsuccessfully and was pushed to Bayern Munich on loan. From 2022, Coutinho returns to the foggy country, this time wearing Aston Villa also on loan from Barca.

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