Liverpool Star Mohamed Salah: Karaoke King and Master of Pranks!

Jurgen Klopp Sets the Tone for the New Season in Bavaria, Emphasizing Team-Bonding Amidst Relentless WorkThe Egypt international is 'A' list now and is careering towards football royalty

As the preseason training in Bavaria intensifies, Jurgen Klopp understands the significance of this phase in shaping the team’s path for the upcoming season. While the players’ efforts remain relentless, the Liverpool manager acknowledges the importance of fostering team cohesion. He grants the squad a night out, where the new signings get their chance to shine during a singing initiation.

Andrew Robertson opts for a classic with “Sweet Caroline,” playing it safe and earning applause from his teammates. However, it is Mohamed Salah, the recent £36.9 million acquisition from Roma, who steals the show. Selecting an Arabic song, Salah’s melodious performance leaves everyone amused, despite not understanding the lyrics. By the final verse, his infectious smile radiates, and the room fills with boisterous cheers, marking a memorable moment of team bonding.

Mohamed Salah has continued to surprise his Liverpool team-mates this season
Dejan Lovren says people must talk about Salah alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo


38 – Champions League goals scored by Liverpool this season. Only Barcelona (45 goals in 1999-2000) and Real Madrid (41 goals in 2013-14) have scored more in a single European Cup campaign.


It has been a recurring theme ever since. Salah took his team-mates by surprise that night and has continued to do so, his extraordinary form — which culminated in Tuesday’s masterpiece against old club Roma in the Champions League semi-final — propelling him into the land of the giants.

‘He’s becoming the superstar,’ says Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren. ‘Maybe I couldn’t look into the future in pre-season and think he could do this. But now? They should be talking about him for the Ballon d’Or. When people talk about Messi and Ronaldo, they should talk about Salah.’

This is not a statement made for effect. Lovren might be one of Salah’s closest friends in the squad — the two frequently engage in winding each other up, whether at Melwood or on social media — but his words reflect the levels to which he has climbed.

He is ‘A’ list now, careering towards football royalty. The 25-year-old is a national icon after his penalty sent Egypt to the World Cup for the first time since 1990 but none of this has changed him.

The Egypt international is 'A' list now and is careering towards football royalty

Salah grew up in Nagrig, a farming village situated between Alexandria and Cairo, and his close-knit family taught him the values of respect and discipline. He is a devout Muslim and lived a simple life in Egypt and, though his status has changed, the same continues to be true.

Egypt is never far from his thoughts. He returns home at the end of each season, primarily for Ramadan, and will go back to Nagrig to meet old friends and hang out at the same cafes he used to before leaving for Cairo, where his first club was El Mokawloon.

To get a taste of home, he has eaten at a restaurant called Bakchich, regularly choosing hummus falafel. So enthused was the owner to have Salah visit, the dish is given away to diners whenever he scores a goal. Trade, as you can imagine, was brisk on Tuesday.

This is just a small example of how everyone wants to be associated with him. When you arrive at Cairo airport, the first image you see is a giant picture of Salah advertising Alexandria Bank, with whom Liverpool have a partnership in Africa.

He lived a simple life in Egypt - here he is (right) enjoying a paintballing trip with friends
The up-and-coming football star Salah holds hands with his wife Magi at their wedding

He is the face of Vodafone in Egypt and an ambassador for Uber in his native land. Such is his popularity, he received one million written votes for the country’s presidential elections and was even spared having to do national service in 2014, when he played for Chelsea. For a young boy who grew up playing a PlayStation with hopes and dreams, this is a life less ordinary.

Yet ask those who know him best to describe Salah and the answer that invariably comes back is quiet. He lives in Cheshire with his wife, Magi, and daughter Makka and returns to them at the first possible opportunity each day after training has finished at Melwood.

Salah’s professionalism strikes a chord with every-one and in many ways, he is like Luis Suarez, Anfield’s most recent hero. Suarez had the strength of an ox and Salah is the same, his team-mates know that if it comes down to a physical battle, he simply will not get knocked over or bullied. He is, in their eyes, the complete package.

The Liverpool winger lives at home in Cheshire with his wife, Magi, and daughter Makka

‘During the week it’s a nightmare because you’re up against him,’ says young right back Trent Alexander-Arnold. ‘Sometimes I don’t like him, to be honest, because he does that stuff (what he was doing against Roma) to me!’

In his youth, he idolised Zinedine Zidane and Francesco Totti and the trajectory of his career is taking him to a place where he could one day be spoken of as one of the greats.

For now, however, the talk is all about how Salah is driving Liverpool’s ambitions of conquering Europe once more. He was magical against Roma and he is now just four goals away from equalling the club record of 47 set by Ian Rush in 1983-84. That shows how far he has come since stepping up in Rottach-Egern and taking his new colleagues by surprise.

‘Forty-three goals, guys,’ said Lovren, shaking his head in disbelief. ‘Forty-three goals! F****** hell! I believe he should be regarded as one of the best three in the world at the end of the year. But for us? He is the one.’

Trent Alexander-Arnold revealed Salah is a 'nightmare' to face in training during the week

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