LeBron James Won’t Use Cell Phones Unless Wi-Fi Is Available, Here’s a Special Reason…-010

Dwyane Wade made a guest appearance as a co-host on “Live! With Kelly” on Thursday. In a bonus segment after the show, the discussion turned to revealing the cheapest person he knows, and Wade humorously shared that LeBron James, his teammate and friend, holds that title. It’s important to note that such statements made in a lighthearted context should not be taken too seriously and are often meant in a playful and joking manner among friends.


The four-time league MVP has no reason to be cheap, considering he played on a nearly $23 million deal last season, but he’s serious about saving money according to Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union. The source of his stinginess? Roaming charges.

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“If there’s no Wi-Fi, he does not mess with data roaming,” Union said.

“This is no joke,” Wade added. “He’s like, ‘I will send this text before I leave the boat because there ain’t gonna be no Wi-Fi probably.’”LeBron James: "Para alcanzar a los Warriors hay que correr" - Estadio Deportes

Roaming charges are annoying if you can’t afford them as they can get up to $5 per minute, but this is LeBron James we’re talking about. According to Forbes, he’s the third-richest athlete in the world and hauls in $54 million in endorsement deals. E u G i 〽️ on Twitter: "Lebron James has nothing to prove, still holding an iPhone X, It's us the Poor people who care about the latest iphones, rich people don't.〽️

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In fact, he used to star in cell phone commercials for Samsung. Can’t they hook him up with a cell phone network and waive these roaming charges? Let LeBron text and browse Instagram on the banana boat. After bringing a title home to Cleveland, he deserves it.

LeBron James at WWE Monday Night Raw taking a photo with a flip phone. : r/pics



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