Jordan Henderson Set to Become England’s Highest-Paid Footballer, Earning Triple Captain Harry Kane’s Salary

Jordan Henderson’s earnings surpass those of Three Lions captain Harry Kane by more than three times, positioning him on the path to becoming the highest-paid England football player in history.image

The Liverpool captain has consented to accept the Saudis’ money and will sign up with Al-Ettifaq for a staggering £700,000 per week.


Jordan Henderson has announced that he is leaving Liverpool.

At Al-Ettifaq’s training camp in Croatia, Henderson, 33, has teamed up with Liverpool star Steven Gerrard, who serves as the club’s head coach.

Due to Henderson’s remaining two years on his Anfield deal, Liverpool receives a £12 million transfer fee; yet, Henderson is the one who receives the real money.

If he stays in the Gulf for three years, he may earn more than £100 million in salaries because he will be paid about £36 million annually, which is treble his salary in the Premier League.

By a wide margin, Henderson is now the highest-paid English player in the entire world.


His contract is nearly DOUBLE what Marcus Rashford receives in compensation.

Rashford now earns £375,000 per week after agreeing to a new contract with Manchester United.

He now earns more than his teammate Jadon Sancho, who makes £350,000 a week.

In contrast, Jude Bellingham’s new Real Madrid pay of £220,000 per week seems nearly little.

This summer, Gerrard, a legend of Liverpool, was appointed manager of Al-Ettifaq.

While Declan Rice, who recently joined Arsenal for £105 million, and Mason Mount, who recently joined Manchester United, both earn about £250,000 per week.

Henderson now earns more than THREE TIMES what England captain Kane makes at Spurs, where he earns £200,000 per week.

Top earners in England, weekly

Al-Ettifaq’s Jordan Henderson earned £700,000.

Marcus Rashford, £375,00, Man Utd

Man Utd paid Jadon Sancho £350,00.

Raheem Sterling pays £325,000 to Chelsea.

Jack Grealish makes £300,000 at Man City.

Mason Mount, Manchester United, $250,000

Declan Rice costing £250,000 to Arsenal

Man City paid £250,000 for John Stones.

Reece James, £250,000, Chelsea

Man City’s Phil Foden is paid £250,000.

Jude Bellingham paid £220,000 to Real Madrid.

Tottenham’s Harry Kane is worth £200,000.

Arsenal paid £195,000 for Bukayo Saka.

Harry Maguire makes £190,000 for Man Utd.

Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell earns £190,000.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, £180,000, Liverpool


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