Jasmine Jordan Reveals Michael Jordan’s Hilarious Act of Pettiness: Throwing My Sketchers in the Trash

When your sneaker brand becomes so massive that the parent company appoints you as its iconic figure, it’s a clear indication of your immense success. Michael Jordan achieved exactly that when he inked the deal in 1984. Although his shoes didn’t experience an immediate explosive surge in popularity within the first few seasons, MJ still performed exceptionally well during his initial years in the industry.Here's How Michael Jordan's Children Are Keeping His $1.6B Legendary Legacy Alive - AfroTech

Now, Jordan Brand makes almost as much in one day as it used to make in a year. Sometimes, when they announce collaborations with famous athletes or celebrities, even more, they metaphorically break the internet, all over a pair of shoes.

Jordan knew the amount of effort he put in to make his name a household commodity. So when his daughter, Jasmine Jordan, asked for Skechers, he was bound to be livid. Skechers? The brand that blatantly copies other brands? The same brand that makes off-brand Nikes? No way!Jasmine Jordan Net Worth | Husband - Famous People Today


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