In Vogue with Jadon Sancho: Unveiling His Designer Labels

After being excluded from Coach Southgate’s selection for four Nations League matches, Sancho decided to take some time off. However, on June 27, he made a return to Carrington. Before that, he treated himself to a much-needed vacation, flying in style on a private jet after a challenging season with Manchester United.jadon sancho mu anh 1

During his private jet excursion, the British star turned heads with his impeccable fashion choices. In a recent photo, he flaunted an array of prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, further solidifying his status as a style icon.
jadon sancho mu anh 6
Jadon Sancho is famously a fan of Patek Philippe. He owns a Patek Philippe Nautilus made of 18K white gold and set entirely with diamonds. Its value is about 1.25 million USD. This photo was taken in July 2020 during a summer tour of the England international.
jadon sancho mu anh 7
Sancho shows that he is a person who has a taste for coordinating with 2 main colors, gray and blue. This helps the overall set to be harmonious. Torn jeans from the Amiri house and Dior shoes seem to be Sancho’s favorites. The Dior blue jacket costs $2,500. Hoodies worn in from Fear of God cost up to 3,100 USD.
jadon sancho mu anh 8
Sometimes, Sancho also wears simple items like Supreme t-shirts. However, despite any item, the harmony in the color scheme has always been noticed by the former Dortmund striker.
jadon sancho mu anh 9
The whole set in the picture of Sancho costs more than 5,200 USD. The most expensive is the gile from Louis Vuitton. Currently, it is almost impossible to find this shirt again. According to Brands and Prices, it costs between $3,600 and $4,600. The cheapest item in this set is a Balenciaga T-shirt for $505. The other two items are camo print pants from Rhude ($519) and a Nike Air Force 1 collaboration version with Travis Scott ($650).

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