January 28, 2023

I’m Buying My Unborn Son a £3.7m Yacht And Ordered Scott A £160k Lamborghini Urus To Be Waiting 

I’m Buying My Unborn Son a £3.7m Yacht And Ordered Scott A £160k Lamborghini Urus To Be Waiting 

Rich Dad-of-six children  Barrie Drewitt-Barlow is waitting triplets with both his panters  fiancé Scott Hutchinson and his ex Tony after all three men provided sperm donations to became parents.

 The family doesn’t screen their kids at birth to see whose DNA ended up fertilising  the egg and it will be Barrie and Scott’s name on the birth certificate.

Barrie, 51, and Tony, 56, have a combined wealth of £40million, and despite parting ways since Barrie found love with Scott, 27, who is also the ex-boyfriend of Tony and Barrie’s 21-year-old daughter  Saffron, they continue to share their wealth, most of which is spent on their children and it seems that the new arrival can expect the same treatment.

The arrival of baby number seven may still be four months away, but big-spender Barrie has already earmarked some outrageous purchases to welcome his latest addition.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Barrie says: “We have not stopped buying things for him.  He will be just as spoiled as all the rest of our children for sure. We have bought all the latest designer clothes for him and the latest nursery furniture.”

They buy a few up market necessities  for babies,  Barrie has his eye on one particularly eye-watering purchase inspired by his new son’s chosen name. Their are looking at yachts right now in Miami and he was thinking he might buy the new one for River, and call it after him.

“We do everything is fair in our family, we bought his big sister Saffron a £500k Faberge ring as a baby and for Valentina’s first birthday we forked out £600k for a flat in Manchester. Saffron bought  over £20k last month on baby clothes and Aspen spent £10k on gifts for him too.”Barrie said

However, that is set to change with Barrie currently having a 15,000sqf, £6 million mansion   built that is set to become his permanent home.

“It is time for Scott and I to move into our own place and the new house is the perfect location for us.We are building a new nursery there for River too. I have ordered myself a £265k Rolls-Royce Cullinan and I have ordered scott a £160k Lamborghini Urus to be waiting for twins when we arrive.” Barrie says

Barrie’s spendthrift ways never go unnoticed by jokes but the dad says it is just water off a duck’s back.

“People will always have something to say about my spending but  I couldn’t give a flying what any of them think. It’s my money, I work hard for it, so I will spend it like I want. I’ve got to the point in my life where I think life is too short to hold back, I don’t need an excuse any longer. I’m going to spend it all before I d.i.e – I can’t take it with me!”” he says.

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