Hungry Bear Breaks Car Window, Helps Itself to McDonald’s Leftovers-011

In the small town of Jackson, New Hampshire, it’s a common sight to have a few bears visiting this time of year, but there’s one particular bear that has taken the idea of “feeling at home” to a whole new level.

The police department posted photos and video on its Facebook page of the “nuisance” bear after it smashed a car window and helped itself to some leftover McDonald’s inside. It happened while the vehicle owner was having breakfast inside a restaurant.

Police told FOX Television Stations that he’s been spotted on porches, in trashcans and later, breaking a car window and “chowing down” on fast food.


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The department used the photos and video as a reminder to visitors and locals alike: Keep your car clear of snacks.


“Hungry bear, don’t care,” police said.

Among the first menu items on Jackson’s town website is a link to information about bear safety. These tips include:



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